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  1. I would wait, but I was told by TCH-Dick above, specifically in regard to my server, "Please check now and let us know if you still have issues." I did update my ticket. Hoping some one can help with this soon. I fixed as many sites as I could myself, but some sites are customer sites that I didn't create, so I don't have the index.htm page for them to restore it myself.
  2. Several of my sites on montreal are just showing file listings. Looks like the index.html page was deleted, but not replaced. Sites that use index.php seem to be working. Should I update my ticket with the specific list of sites that are still affected? (I'd rather not post them here.)
  3. All of my sites on montreal still seem to be defaced.
  4. You can use Mailman to do what you want. There is an option toward the bottom of the Sender Filters page (under Privacy Options) that says "Action to take for postings from non-members for which no explicit action is defined." Just set this to Accept and all mail sent to the list address will be immediately delivered to the recipients. PK
  5. The easy answer is to just create an account filter in cpanel to delete any email with that subject line or with the words "Work at Home" in the From field. PK
  6. Have you tried looking for the invidivual movie files using Windows Explorer? They may be saved on the CD or in the Program Files folders somewhere that you can find them. It's possible they can be viewed using another program once you know what video format they are in. It's a long shot, but it may work. PK
  7. One of the sites I host was not working this morning, but I tracked down the problem and fixed it, so I thought I would share what I learned. If you have the following line in your .htaccess file, it is apparently not supported by Apache 2.2, and it must be removed for your site to load: SecFilterEngine Off This is a common .htaccess tweak that is required to fix FrontPage publishing issues, and is recommended in other TCH forum threads. I'm not sure what impact removing it will have on the ability to publish but at least the site is up again. I'm also not sure if this setting is used for anything else. Before upgrading any more sites to Apache 2.2, this probably needs to be investigated and users with this setting will need to be warned. PK
  8. Are you working on your site on your local hard drive or directly on the server? If you are working locally and then publish to the server, you can ignore the error message because it is referring to your local computer not being setup for email. Sometimes I've even seen this when working directly on the server, although the form usually still works to send email. Sometimes the FrontPage form control doesn't recognize that the server supports email sending. Using your yahoo address shouldn't be an issue. PK
  9. You may want to try uninstalling them and then reinstalling them. Sometimes they get pretty messed up, usually after a server move or a restore from backup or something similar. It sometimes messes things up on your site though to uninstall and reinstall FPSE - if you use FrontPage navigation tools or FrontPage folder permissions you may need to check/fix those after reinstalling FPSE... But at least you know the problem isn't anything you're doing wrong in FrontPage. PK
  10. If you type a web site address in the Folder field, FrontPage completely ignores the "Look in" drop-down field. It does NOT matter what you select from the drop-down. (That's why I didn't mention that in my instructions.) The problem seems to be with your site though. If you want to use FrontPage to manage the site, FrontPage Server Extensions need to be installed or re-installed from within cpanel. I tried this with your site using FrontPage from my computer to see if it prompted me for a username/password, and got the same error message as you did. If FPSE are correctly installed, FrontPage will immediately prompt for the cpanel username/password. PK
  11. You can use FrontPage to open sites from your local computer or from the web server using this same dialog box. The following instructions are for opening the site from the web server using FrontPage 2002 (and possibly earlier versions - I'm not certain). 1. Go to File -> Open Web. 2. In the Folder Name field, type the path to your site without the www (like http://yoursite.com). 3. Click Open. 4. Type your cpanel username and password when prompted. 5. Click OK. If you aren't prompted for a username and password, you are probably getting an error message. If you tell me what this error message says, I may be able to help you figure out what the problem is. BTW - If you want to copy your site to your local computer, you can open the site and then use FrontPage to publish the site to a folder on your hard drive. Then you'll use the Open Web dialog box to navigate to the local copy of your site in the future, and use Publish Web to publish changes back to the server. PK
  12. Are you getting an error message popping up or anything? I'll need some more information to try and understand what you're seeing. After you type the path to your web site, and click Open, what happens? PK
  13. Sorry, I was giving instructions for FrontPage 2003. Yes, in previous versions it was called "Open Web". Then type in the field at the bottom the path to your site without the www (i.e., http://yoursite.com). Then you should be prompted for the username/password you use to access cpanel. PK
  14. Are you trying to open your site from the server or from your local computer? If you want to open the site from the server, go to File -> Open Site. Then type your web site name without the www (i.e., http://yoursite.com). You should be prompted for your cpanel username and password. After you type your correct username and password, it should open the site with no trouble. If you aren't seeing anything, but didn't get an error message, go to View -> Folder List and make sure it is selected. It may be that you are successfully opening your site and just don't realize it because you aren't seeing the list of files/folders. PK
  15. Have you tried just opening the site in the newer version of FrontPage, by going to File -> Open Site? I don't think it's necessary to use the Import feature.
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