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  1. Just adding no right click is useless as you say, but i found a way that people say is good for my current gallery, http://www.jikrantz.com/start.htm Click on Sections > Ginnie & Piggie, then click on any thumbnail. This is what I wanna try to do in coppermine except i know i wont get the pop ups. -Thomas
  2. Hi, I had same question a while ago, see this thread: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...325&hl=bravenet for some good choices. -Thomas
  3. Hm... I did all that and it sure works. No pics are showing (no thumbs or full size), all I see is the little red x´s, even as logged in as administrator. -Thomas
  4. Hi, I have set up a nice looking photo gallery with coppermine, but is there any ways i can prevent thieves as i can with usual no right click-scripts (and other things) in "normal" html-pages, in other words can i insert any scripts etc to the coppermine php files? If so, please tell me in the easy way cause its the first time i worked with php (except for a mail me form) and got it to work. -Thomas
  5. Ok, thanks. Can´t they write that in the instructions...grrrrrrr -Thomas (who wonders what he would do without his second family) Rock Sign
  6. Hm...why do i start threads that (almost) always become long? -Thomas, the one
  7. Hi, I am gonna upgrade coppermine photo gallery to its latest version. Its first time i do this. Upgradeinstructions tells me this: "If the file config.inc.php exists in the "include" directory, delete it." "If the file install.php exists in the root directory, delete it." Does that mean if it exists in my unzipped files or if it exists in the coppermine folder on my server? -Thomas
  8. Thanks TCH-Rob. Of course not, no one here is a god or a similar. I think we all are just happy bunch of people assisting each other in any way we can. Im no support staff or moderator but i am happy to answer anyone something that i feel is my knowledge and if i dont know the answer to a specific question, i be quiet to not mess it up more of the person with the problem. Take care everyone, -Thomas
  9. Ok. I don´t think that will be a problem, but its good to know. I know that if any of those members do anything wrong, they will (I think) be kicked from the club. -Thomas
  10. Hehe... didn´t know i had a squirrel on my site (and soon my friends) . If using that squirrelmail, will the members have the option to register their own names before the @unicycleclub.com or do i/we need to set each up manually. In a way i prefer to set it up so it can be restricted to members only but yep, I am a little lazy so for that reason it would be good if they could register themselves. -Thomas
  11. www.******/cpanel should work. Then just insert useranme and pw. -Thomas
  12. Hi, A friend of mine is gonna be a TCH-customer soon but i am the one who will design and maintain the site. Its a website for a unicycle club. Is she allowed to provide emailadresses for the members, like membername@unicycleclub.com If so, is there a way to implement it as a part of the site, so the members can check their mail when checking the site in general? -Thomas
  13. On my site the top frame loads very quick but the rest takes a while to load due to scripts calling things from other sites. Is there a easy to work with-script that that says "Please wait while page is loading" and when page is loaded 100% the message disappears? I found one on http://javascript.internet.com/messages/pl...it-message.html but i dont know how to get rid of not necessary things in that script. -Thomas
  14. True (didnt think about most of those things ). But if done properly, with a text saying: This site is best viewed at 800x600, click here to change your resolution (No harm will be done to your system). Then i think such a option would work. I agree that a script resizing when entering without the visitor being able to stop it, that is no good. But if done by a clickable link then the visitor have their own free will. Which is the issue on that site i was originally looking for. -Thomas
  15. Hi, Since I think most people here on TCH drop by the open discussion, I figure it might be a good place to post this (since i dont know where i read it). Yesterday I found a forum-message from someone who on its site had a link that set the resolution of the visitors monitor to what that site looked best in. I dont remember what the message was about originally or who posted it so i cant search for it and it would be nice to have some similar function on my site. -Thomas
  16. Found this on that page: Last Build: Monday, June 11, 2001 at 18:55:34 Hm...that was a while ago... -Thomas
  17. http://www.jikrantz.com/id60.htm Have a nice winter everyone, no matter you shovel snow or sunshine. -Thomas
  18. Hi, As i understand from some other question i had a while ago, cron jobs can do automated things for me? If so, is there any way i can use that for doing automated rebuilding of the entropysearch, lets say once a week, so i always have a updated searchengine? -Thomas
  19. Agrees on Samanthas post, but if it makes you any happier i can post it in the correct forum too. Sorry if sounding angry, but description say "Forums for all you cute users!" I may not be cute but i use CSB. I know you use Allwebmenus, kw, where do you think i got this great idea from. If whoever started this part of the forum could be kind to tell us what goes in here and whats not, I will promise not to ask anymore nonqualified questions again. To Samantha: Thanks Magic woman, i will check your reply a little closer after dinner. -Thomas
  20. I thought a beard and (sorry for this one everyone) being fat. Closer to santa i think is hard to come. -Thomas
  21. Hi everyone, Is there any CSB-users who uses All web menus? I need your help. I´ve done what it says in help pages, but how do make the menu show up in CSB (right now nothing shows )? I would if possible want it to show in the top frame as i use now for navigation in http://www.jikrantz.com/start.htm. Heres my test site for this project: http://www.jikrantz.com/test/start.htm -Thomas
  22. 6am my time...please HG, let that pic be out for a while. -Thomas
  23. As the "i" in recitify -Thomas
  24. Ok, I installed it, played with it, played some more, played with themes mostly though and got this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: themesidebox() in /home/jikrant/public_html/phpnuke/mainfile.php on line 328 -Thomas
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