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  1. Hehe... didn´t know i had a squirrel on my site (and soon my friends) . If using that squirrelmail, will the members have the option to register their own names before the @unicycleclub.com or do i/we need to set each up manually. In a way i prefer to set it up so it can be restricted to members only but yep, I am a little lazy so for that reason it would be good if they could register themselves. -Thomas
  2. www.******/cpanel should work. Then just insert useranme and pw. -Thomas
  3. Hi, A friend of mine is gonna be a TCH-customer soon but i am the one who will design and maintain the site. Its a website for a unicycle club. Is she allowed to provide emailadresses for the members, like membername@unicycleclub.com If so, is there a way to implement it as a part of the site, so the members can check their mail when checking the site in general? -Thomas
  4. On my site the top frame loads very quick but the rest takes a while to load due to scripts calling things from other sites. Is there a easy to work with-script that that says "Please wait while page is loading" and when page is loaded 100% the message disappears? I found one on http://javascript.internet.com/messages/pl...it-message.html but i dont know how to get rid of not necessary things in that script. -Thomas
  5. True (didnt think about most of those things ). But if done properly, with a text saying: This site is best viewed at 800x600, click here to change your resolution (No harm will be done to your system). Then i think such a option would work. I agree that a script resizing when entering without the visitor being able to stop it, that is no good. But if done by a clickable link then the visitor have their own free will. Which is the issue on that site i was originally looking for. -Thomas
  6. Hi, Since I think most people here on TCH drop by the open discussion, I figure it might be a good place to post this (since i dont know where i read it). Yesterday I found a forum-message from someone who on its site had a link that set the resolution of the visitors monitor to what that site looked best in. I dont remember what the message was about originally or who posted it so i cant search for it and it would be nice to have some similar function on my site. -Thomas
  7. Found this on that page: Last Build: Monday, June 11, 2001 at 18:55:34 Hm...that was a while ago... -Thomas
  8. http://www.jikrantz.com/id60.htm Have a nice winter everyone, no matter you shovel snow or sunshine. -Thomas
  9. Hi, As i understand from some other question i had a while ago, cron jobs can do automated things for me? If so, is there any way i can use that for doing automated rebuilding of the entropysearch, lets say once a week, so i always have a updated searchengine? -Thomas
  10. Agrees on Samanthas post, but if it makes you any happier i can post it in the correct forum too. Sorry if sounding angry, but description say "Forums for all you cute users!" I may not be cute but i use CSB. I know you use Allwebmenus, kw, where do you think i got this great idea from. If whoever started this part of the forum could be kind to tell us what goes in here and whats not, I will promise not to ask anymore nonqualified questions again. To Samantha: Thanks Magic woman, i will check your reply a little closer after dinner. -Thomas
  11. I thought a beard and (sorry for this one everyone) being fat. Closer to santa i think is hard to come. -Thomas
  12. Hi everyone, Is there any CSB-users who uses All web menus? I need your help. I´ve done what it says in help pages, but how do make the menu show up in CSB (right now nothing shows )? I would if possible want it to show in the top frame as i use now for navigation in http://www.jikrantz.com/start.htm. Heres my test site for this project: http://www.jikrantz.com/test/start.htm -Thomas
  13. 6am my time...please HG, let that pic be out for a while. -Thomas
  14. As the "i" in recitify -Thomas
  15. Ok, I installed it, played with it, played some more, played with themes mostly though and got this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: themesidebox() in /home/jikrant/public_html/phpnuke/mainfile.php on line 328 -Thomas
  16. If i use that one-click install and doesnt like it or not understanding it, i can remove it just that easily too? (Got to ask so i dont have to end up redoing site ) -Thomas
  17. Hi, I´ve searched this forum and the help pages but just got lost, what is PHP-nuke in c-panel > Add on? "Advanced content management system" doesn´t tell me much. What does it contain and so on? -Thomas
  18. Hi and thank you DarqFlare, Here is what he has done so far: http://hem.passagen.se/adde_testare/index2.html Good to know is that Im using 800x600 and he is using a higher resolution so he doesnt see the problem. -Thomas
  19. To turtle: Bragger, I better stop teaching you swedish. To frylock: "I don't know what that has to do with anything either, but I said it anyways", lol. -Thomas
  20. Hi everyone, I´m using Cutesite builder myself, so i absolutely dont have the answer to this. Today my nephew (13 y/o) asked me for feedback on the site he is doing. I was so impressed by what a 13 year old kid can do with notepad, but one thing neither he, me or his dad can figure out how to do. He now uses 6 frames (according to him, some are probably merged though) to center a menu pretty much like the topmenu on KW´s http://www.csbsupport.com/index.htm but with submenues. He wants to reduce the amount of frames to center the menu.. I showed him how to do it simple in CSB, but he then tells me that to do these submenues (with only a topmenu) he needs to do a lot of html-pages. One for each submenu that will eat up his disk space. Something tells me he shouldnt have to do one html-page/submenu, but i am way from sure. How should he do it? I dont remember his URL right now so i cant explain more than this, but let me know and i publish it. -Thomas P.S If anyone understands my messy explanation and knows how he should solve it, please explain so a 13 y/o understands and not only computerfreaks like us.
  21. Sorry for starting a new topic, but it is open discussion. Do you happen to be swedish by any chance, Mr Shakes? By the way... Where is everybody from? I´m from sweden myself. Any other swedes here? -Thomas
  22. I did read the AUP (Not today, but when i signed up) but wasn´t sure. I understand and agrees that I AM A SPAMMER etc isnt something we should be allowed to publish, just that i see those "funny" sites and have collected many fun/nice things myself and wanna show it. The "remove" link is definately a thing i would provide. Again, just wasn´t sure. -Thomas
  23. Hello, Pretty often i get funny or nice things in my mailbox, often as chainletters. Some are plain pics (as the attached) and some are powerpoint presentations (or what you call it). Can I publish those things on my site if i leave the copyright-notice like on the attached pic? -Thomas
  24. I´ll be car-sick but thats ok in this case i guess... Congrats or what you say in english now. Thumbs Up -Thomas Rock Sign
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