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  1. Update: I visited your page now and saw that this is what I already do. So there is no way I can do this without having to delete those pages/files with my ftp before re-publishing? In those cases Im thinking of, these web-gems are placed on the main pages/start pages. One question... Would it be better if i placed these gems in a external i frame, then i wouldnt have to be bothered that the gem is updated each time i do any other update to the page where the gem is placed on today? -Thomas
  2. I know a good website desgin shouldnt need that, but since i havent found a good menu yet (havent been able to check out that open cube menu yet due to another problem discussed in another thread), it was just a solution that popped up in my head. -Thomas
  3. I haven´t checked out that page yet so maybe my answer is there ;-) My problem is that i DO NOT change anything about the gem, neither its files or anything with ^GEMDIR/... I let it stay as it is but still these errors show up. -Thomas (who is off to that page now )
  4. Juat a little something that popped up in my head... In the project I wanna use this menu in I use 2 frames. Could that menu be used 2 times in same frame? I took a longshot and inserted it twice as it is, but nope, it didnt work, but it worked if placed one time in each frame. So can it be used twice and what do i change if so? -Thomas
  5. Thanks borfast. I downloaded that and took a quick look on the configuration instructions, looks like I can handle it too. Again, Borfast and Rock Sign -Thomas
  6. Sorry that it has taken me a while for this reply. I tried to make this error happen when publishing on my tch-account, but nope when you want something to happen it wont. so I have to go with the second best. Here´s what the log says: 0 QUIT 1 221 Good Bye 2 Disconnected. 2 Connecting to FTP server. 2 Connected. 1 220-Axenix.. you aree logged and watched at all times 1 220 0 USER myname 1 331 User login OK, waiting for password 0 PASS mypassword 1 230 User password OK, CesarFTP server ready 0 TYPE I 1 200 Type successfully set 0 CWD tls 1 250 Directory change
  7. Hi elusivedreams, Check out this thread, it may be what you want: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...opic=3777&hl=gt Also see it in action: http://www.jikrantz.com -Thomas
  8. Hm...ok, thanks anyway. I appreciate everyones temper to deal with me. Anyone knows a similar menu (to switch menu) that does only criteria is that it falls out down and not to right? -Thomas
  9. I made a example of what i want here: http://www.jikrantz.com/id60.htm This one is a tree menu, but shows the structure I want with main menues and sub menues. The only difference i want, is that it is falling out down instead of down/right as a tree menu does. -Thomas
  10. We are getting closer and closer This is almost what i want, but if possible I want the menues for "win 95/98", "Win ME" and "Win XP" INSIDE "Help Forum" so win 95/98", "Win ME" and "Win XP" is NOT visible unless you click "Help Forum". So to summarise, I do not want them as "main" menues, but as "sub" menues inside Help Forum. That is what my problem is. By the way Borfast, you are one h... of a moderator who hasnt gone tired over me yet, could it be that you are a moderator on TCH? -Thomas Rock Sign
  11. Now Im getting close to what i want, just 2 things... 1. I dont find anywhere in the code (even used wordpads search thing), could it be something CSB adds automatically? 2. Can "Windows 95/98" etc be like the headings for Site Menu, FAQ/Help, Help Forum and Cool Links so the pages are not visible until you click "windows 95/98" etc? Example: Site Menu FAQ/Help Help Forum Windows 95/98 page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Windows ME Windows XP Cool Links -Thomas P.S What are you studying, since you have time to peek in to forum or is class that boring ?
  12. I did better I figured I do a new page for this menu without any other interfering scripts. Here´s a new page with the modified script: http://www.jikrantz.com/id59.htm -Thomas P.S Now i see, that the menu isnt clickable at all though. Wonder why... This error code "82" was something that i got when previewing it, but now its not clickable at all.
  13. The problem is that all of them are right. The script borfast pasted in here are as far as i can see the exact original script from DD and all those id´s are correct. Only thing different from original script are the additions borfast did.It´s after the etc are added, this error message shows up (sorry for that, borfast).Has anyone of you tried the modified script? I´m thinking it would be nice to know if the error shows up for you too or if its local in my machine. -Thomas P.S... Yep, Rjskon, I know the physical changes are made in part 2.
  14. Sorry, here they are (I hope its the ones you look for, 75-85): document.write('\n') document.write('.submenu{display: none;}\n') document.write('\n') } function SwitchMenu(obj){ if(document.getElementById){ var el = document.getElementById(obj); var ar = document.getElementById("masterdiv").getElementsByTagName("span"); //DynamicDrive.com change if(el.style.display != "block"){ //DynamicDrive.com change for (var i=0; i -Thomas
  15. Sorry Borfast, I tried it now and get this message: "Line 82 Error: 'document.getElementById(...)' is null or not an object" What is wrong? -Thomas
  16. Borfast and Rock Sign I havent tried it yet, got to happy it could be done so easily. I thought it had to be changed in those id-things, so thats why i figured i ask the script-experts here. Thanks again, Borfast. -Thomas
  17. Hi everyone, On Dynamic drive (http:/dynamicdrive.com) they have a script called "Switch menu". I use this in one of my projects. In the example on DD it makes these menu-headings: Site Menu FAQ/Help Help Forum Cool Links But now I want to add 3 sub-menues to lets say Help forum. So it would look like this: Site Menu page 1 page 2 page 3 FAQ/Help page 1 page 2 page 3 Help Forum Win 95/98 page 1 page 2 page 3 Win ME page 1 page 2 page 3 Win XP page 1 page 2 page 3 Cool Links page 1 page 2 page 3 What do I add/remove/modify... to make that work? I kno
  18. In this particular issue it was not when publishing on my TCH-account, but yes, it has happened here too in the public_html. Yes, Cpanel-name contains a "a", 5th letter. CSB creates this 'HTMLobj-...' automatically and unless i manually deletes it thru ftp it updates same html-obj. This happens not only in same directory, almost anywhere i publish, no matter its TCH or where ever. So i guess the answer is no, not same directory. -Thomas
  19. Hi all, Not always but pretty often when i publish i get this error: "Error creating directory 'HTMLobj-3117' on FTP Server at ..." The ^GEMDIR/ is in my code and all eventual additional files in holder. Why does this happen? -Thomas
  20. I have no solution for your problem, sorry for that. I visited your site though and on frontpage, all i see is the red x:s instead of graphics. Sorry for the second problem. -Thomas
  21. Hi everyone, I´ve been playing around with this script but dont get it right, what part do I delete to ONLY have the date showing and not "Todays date is". [<script LANGUAGE=javascript"><!-- // *********************************************** // AUTHOR: WWW.CGISCRIPT.NET, LLC // URL: http://www.cgiscript.net // Use the script, just leave this message intact. // Download your FREE CGI/Perl Scripts today! // ( http://www.cgiscript.net/scripts.htm ) // *********************************************** // Get today's current date. var now = new Date(); // Array list o
  22. Hi everyone, Does anyone know any places/sites that handles: PHP for dummies and javascript for dummies -Thomas (Needs to go from inquisitive to...hm...next step)
  23. Looks great. If i should be picky, split the "Control panel test drive" to say "Control panel" on one line and "test drive" on a new one. Apart from that Rock Sign -Thomas
  24. Hm...now you really lost me. The script is placed in a holder and that holder is set to 1 since it always converts to 8 in reality if not font settings are written in the script. I always set it to 1 to reduce space above and below the script. I have now copied your quote, pasted it in to the page with same result. I have skipped the place holder and pasted it with the ...same result but an addition too, it created a new empty cell for me above the script. I have selected whole cell and removed any font setting and things i can think of...still same result. I have gone nuts over this (sp
  25. I have been peeking on linux but is far from deciding if its something for me, but i wouldnt mind a thread for that and i agree, the atmosphere here are 100% uniquely nice and would probably have our questions answered in the nicest and most understandable way it can. -Thomas
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