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  1. I use CuteSite builder to publish to my site. Why am I getting this error "501 Invalid number of arguments." It still publishes fine but its annoying to get this message and think there is something wrong. -Thomas
  2. Thanks huys. That worked well. Thumbs Up
  3. Ok, let me ask you one thing more, I did tell you I´m not good at this. Is it line: AuthName www.jikrantz.com That I edit to what you say? -Thomas
  4. On CMG-portal, Curtis has a great 404-page that I run in to sometimes. Ok, I bookmarked it. I also know that you/he uses CuteSite builder. How do I do such a 404-page? From scratch, please. You know I am a bit lost in just about everything and especially in that. -Thomas tompa@jikrantz.com http://www.jikrantz.com
  5. Hi all, I named a forum/bulletin board wrong and wanna delete it. I see no way of doing that (as in a link: "Delete board"). How do I delete it so I can start a new one? -Thomas
  6. To Sam: Forgive me my manners, WELCOME, nice to see you here. -Thomas
  7. It certainly is. By the way. Thanks to Turtle for teaching me the subscriptionthing. Can I ask one more thing, how do you publish the pics people using below their names? -Thomas
  8. If I could only find out how these things works now... I thought the forum was supposed to mail me when someone answered, shouldnt it? Ok, gang... just yell if needed help with making failures or anything, I am an expert of being slow in learning as you know.
  9. Hi everyone, Just wanted to check in to this forum and to explore my possibilities as a new tch-member :-) I know some of you since before and I know you all are great guys. -Thomas tompa@jikrantz.com http://www.jikrantz.com
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