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  1. I know i need to submit a help desk ticket to have the hosting contact changed but when i logged in to the Domain registration (administration) i saw that i can change contact for domain myself? Have i understood it all right? -Thomas
  2. Welcome home, Mike. I love that avatar. As Don and everyone says, just ask if you need answers. -Thomas Ok sit Thomas sit , it IS a family for everyone.
  3. for some its 8 days left but My greeting.
  4. Ok. Lets hope they fix those things, cause i think the idea is good. Thanks, boxturt. -Thomas
  5. Here it is, sorry for not posting it in original, but i thought there might be common solution: ><!-- Begin Code Amber Ticker code. --> <P ALIGN=LEFT> <script LANGUAGE="javascript1.2" src="http://www.codeamber.org/js/codea.js"> </script> </P> <!-- end of Code Amber Ticker code (c)Copyright codeamber.org 2002, 2003--> Its a too good thing to not publish, but its ruining the tables and design. -Thomas
  6. I found a js-ticker i wanna use but its too wide. Is there any script/solution i can use to control its width? Problem is that its content is not made by me, so there is no way i can go and choose another one. Its this or none. -Thomas
  7. Have tried it now, it works Thanks boxturt. -Thomas
  8. Hehe, I like it though. -Thomas
  9. Tack sköldpadda / Thank you turtle By the way, I got your email. -Thomas
  10. Excuse a question from an mostly unknowing man, who is that little guy in your avatar anyway. -Thomas
  11. How do you do that yahoo indicator inside message? -Thomas
  12. Yes, Sir. Sorry for the yes sir but your avatar kind of told me to say that. Im positive i have a static ip myself, it havent changed in years any way. Now I just have to tell Michelle all this. Thank you everyone involved in this. -Thomas
  13. Im having a static myself. Why im trying to find this out is that i am inserting a counter on Michelles "Lakewood Unicycle Club" and since im in sweden and she is in the u.s i need to set up 2 ip´s for the counter to ignore. And Im just trying to figure out what way is most easy for Michelle to find out what ip she have.
  14. I updated my advanced guestbook. There was slight problems but i figured them out. I could access admin and it all worked well. But now when i enter my username and pw in adminlogin, it opens the settingspage but then when i click the links for modifying it goes back to adminlogin. Why wont it let me modify anymore? -Thomas
  15. Ok sounds good. But lets say i wanna find my ip to put it in a ignorething in a counter so im not counted myself. The ip that this service find is that what i put in ignore then or is it something else? -Thomas (confused)
  16. Haven´t tried yet but thanks in advance, boxturt. -Thomas
  17. How do you check what ip number you have in win xp? -Thomas
  18. Thats why I love you guys. -Thomas P.S... Hey, we need a heart as clickable smiley too, not just as posting icon.
  19. I didnt clock it but for loading and sending the site to me in sweden it was fast. My eyes goes like this now woooot . As all the sites placed on the Rock Sign . -Thomas
  20. Im gonna install a cgi counter on a site i maintain. Ive used the script before but now i need to tell it to ignore ip-adresses. (Poor) Instructions tells me to modify this, >@ignore = (""); Question 1) Do I delete anything like the brackets? Question 2) Do I write the numbers like this: or how? -Thomas
  21. Yep, i noticed too. But hey, its working now. :-) -Thomas
  22. Ive updated invision, which went smooth. Now im trying to edit the css. I do my changes and and all is good but if i wanna do more changes, the attached screen meets me. All I can do to have this message go away is to chooose to overwrite my changes, which i of course doesnt want too. What am i doing wrong? -Thomas
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