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  1. Stockholm, Sweden weather: 26.6 degree Fahrenheit and SNOW
  2. Ok, done. I saw the size was changed from 120 to 100 so it might have been that. Thanks, Mike. -Thomas
  3. Why did my avatar get resized when i changed back from christmas to my ordinary? I want mine to be as big as it was. -Thomas
  4. Ah ok. So it could say, 2, 14, 49...? Thanks, Nick. -Thomas
  5. There´s still problems with Not a major problem since its still published, but annoying. -Thomas
  6. I did some uploads by ftp today and noticed this message Who´s that other user if i haven´t given anyone permission? -Thomas
  7. I didnt take notice if it was ASCII cause my ftp have handled that automatically to now. Permissions have been set as the instructions say. -Thomas
  8. It/I failed, what does this mean? -Thomas
  9. Thanks nikko I had this script being in the archive for a while but never got it to work. Maybe it will now. -Thomas
  10. Im trying to set up a free for all page with cgi. What do i fill in in this line (if domain is www.jikrantz.com if relevant)? ># base directory to all link files from the server root without trailing "/" $base_dir = "/home/usr/you/links"; -Thomas
  11. I´ll teach you one right away. Sköldpadda rockar fett. In english, Turtle rocks. -Thomas
  12. Hey Sköldpadda, those swedish skills are improving... Gott Nytt År till dig min vän. -Thomas
  13. Hm, looks like shortening names/words is the thing for 2003. -Thomas
  14. I found that part: But it seems like it yellow in that code, which is partially true, Suggest is, url is not. -Thomas
  15. Uhmmm, I came up with a good suggestion? Yehaa. By the way, since Kevin read this, Hows it going with my CSB webring problem (the me being suspended thing)? -Thomas
  16. I have installed birdcast tell a friend cgi-script for Michelles Lakewood Unicycle Club and all configuration went good except for the colour for the line "SUGGEST THIS PAGE TO A FRIEND... http://www.lakewoodunicycleclub.com" "SUGGEST THIS PAGE TO A FRIEND..." is the colour it should be, yellow. "http://www.lakewoodunicycleclub.com" becomes blue when i want that to be yellow too. Does anyone know how i change that. I do not find any line where i can insert fontsettings for the url. -Thomas P.S I skipped attaching the code since its a long script, but let me know if you need it.
  17. I just tried this and it doesnt seems to work with the new version of AWM though. -Thomas
  18. I have heard about that tool but always thought it was complicated to use and taking much of my serverspace etc. -Thomas
  19. Ah ok. I bought AWM way after july so i didnt think about looking there (CSB-forum) and i tried the likno userarea but i found it a little hard to understand. Thanks, Kevin and a happpy new year to you. -Thomas
  20. To Raul: I did a check, the web menu program can handle generic fonts as serif etc. So now i just have to figure out what comic sans is To Tch-Rob: Sorry, I dont know what you mean, might be my english though. -Thomas
  21. Did a quick reading on those 3 sites recommended. They are all mentioning some "safe" fonts, but all 3 are mentioning other fonts too, different on all. -Thomas
  22. I know there are some fonts that are 90% good to use (arial, times, helvetica etc). The thing is that i dont think (havent peeked yet) alternative fonts can be specified or families in all web menus in which im building a menu. Will check that. Those site you mentioned, i ddint see them, so im off to view them now. Thanks everyone involved. -Thomas
  23. I have spent a while trying to figure out if I could use Comic sans as font in a menu but all sites when i search for "websafe fonts" on google, tells me different depending what browser and version the menu is intended for. Is there a trusted list i can find somewhere on what i can use and not? Also, congrats to Samantha (samrc) for getting first place when searching for the above words in google. -Thomas
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