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  1. I've tried both /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin Still coming up with the same error: The installer can not find the '/usr/bin/' or the /usr/local/bin directory you have specified for ImageMagick or it does not have permission to access it. Check that your typing is correct and that you have access to the specified directory. I did submit a help desk ticket; however, nobody has yet to take a look at it (or at least I have not gotten an Email stating so). Any other ideas?
  2. Hiya All, I'm trying to install Coppermine on my site. For those not familiar (which it seems most are), during the install, it asks for the path for ImageMagick. I entered in /usr/local/bin/ and came up with the following error: The installer can not find the '/usr/local/bin/' directory you have specified for ImageMagick or it does not have permission to access it. Check that your typing is correct and that you have access to the specified directory. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike
  3. Wow, Thanks All !! I'll check out the Gallery and Coppermine. Thanks Again & Have a Great Weekend.
  4. Does anyone know of a good & FREE picture gallery that one can install on a site hosted here at TCH? Hoping to have something that will allow other users to upload as well. Thanks Ahead of Time, Mike
  5. Just checked the Email where the info for all this was sent. Figured, since I'd been in the market for a laptop anyway, might as well keep my fingers crossed, eh... Now, hope I get the image in here the right way (I don't attach in messageboards too often)
  6. Ehh, I tried that, didn't work. All that did was put extra code in the page. It still opened up a new page. All's good though, went to a different chat method. Thanks for the reply
  7. Ok, Could use a little help. I'm trying to set up a cheesey little chat room. I'm using the HTML Chat offered as part of the Cpanel. Now this is in a frame set with a top page and main page The Chat works ok but I'd like to have a table in the main page to where I have the "Enter Chat" stuff...Now when you enter in a name then click the button, it opens a whole new page...How can I get it so it opens within the main frame ??
  8. Because he wants the domain, it's for his business and he wants to get out of using his current Yahoo Email addy. That's basically why
  9. OK, I know I can order a domain, and park it on my current domain here, then still be able to get Email out of it. This domain would be for Email ONLY. I would not want somebody to type in this new domain in the URL Address bar then be routed to my current site... This domain would not have any affiliation with mine so I wouldn't want a domain forward... SO, here's my question I guess. Purchasing a new domain for the purposes of Email only, is there a hosting package\solution that would be appropriate?? OR, can I simply park it on my current domain however; not have the URL forward to mine? (I'm thinking not but figured I'd ask lol) Having all of the pieces of even the starter plan just seems a little overkill for simple Email. Thanks in Advance, Mike
  10. WOW...Love the forum designs guys I knew I'd find tips and tricks on mods for the boards and what not around here...but I do truly appreciate the link to it (won't have to search for it now...kewl). Gotta admit too, I like seeing the different Avitars some of ya have here...bein' a fellow Herper (uhhh Reptile enthusiast before the remarks come lol). Must say Emerald Green Tree boas are among my fav of the snakes too Rob
  11. Entire post edited to say... Nevermind...I'm boneheaded today.... Fixed my problem DUHHHH What problem...uhh Email but it's fixed so I'm not gonna go into it lol Hey, do have one question though... How do I delete a post I created? I would have just deleted this one but couldn't figure how...or am I bein' boneheaded again
  12. Hello All, Kinda new to the site...OK OK...I'm new (site not even really set...just a coming soon page). Anyway, in the planning stages of course, since I can't transfer a .ws domain (GRRR ARRRGHHH GRRRR) from my, no no...I refuse to say "my"...I'll stick with from the "other" host. SO, I'm startin' from scratch (always good for me to do that anyway...when I base it on the old...it just ends up the same anyway....new name, I wanna have a new look). SO, I already know I'm gonna have a forum on the site. I've used PHPBB and don't care for it. I see THIS forum is an Invision Board and I haven't used that one before. My previous one was XMBForums and I really kinda like that one however, with Invision being a "canned, single click install" here, figured I'd take a look. Just kinda wantin' to see the customizations some of you have used on yours and what not....Not looking to steal ideas, just lookin' to see the flexibility Invision has SO, now's your chance to convince me. If you have a forum on your site and wanna brag a little about it...whose are ya usin' and where is it?
  13. Hmmm....Grrrr OK then...hmm thinking work around...hmmm I know I can go in and edit the settings...point .ws domain to my new url here for the website (root to root and not sub domain)... I'm definetly on Brain Delay today...haven't gone into my domain settings yet over there so.... Any ideas on how I can still use that domain name for Email as I really want to cancel that domain's hosting with the current company. I really only want that domain name for Email purposes (family and a few friends)
  14. I tried to transfer my other domain so I have both domains here! However, when I go and click on the Transfer button here, I don't get the option to choose a .ws domain How can I transfer the domain? I want to be able to manage both domains from here as that domain will just forward to the new domain I just purchased here anyway...maybe one day I'll do a hosting package for that one too but not now.
  15. I hope I didn't hose this... From here I registered the new domain... (virtualsaloon.net) Then once I did that, I chose and ordered the starter package Now, during the order...I entered in virtualsaloon.net and filled out the form bla bla woof woof....I was given the option on how to register the domain....Well I clicked the checkbox stating that I would register it here (as I did) and just clicked continue (or next or whatever it was)... I know it's gonna take a bit to get all set, I'm just hoping I ordered correctly...Got the mail from Domains by Proxy and also got the order mail from TCH...I know I still have to wait for the "Starter" Email with all my settings and what not... Well at least I know one thing...if I did hose something here, at least someone is around to fix it
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