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  1. Hi, I know clock is undefined. Its some script i forgot to remove when replacing clock with the santa (top right corner). But since the holidays are soon over and theres no high traffic to my site i let that be, so the clock are back soon. About starting a new page and go on from there, I have but same problem and i dont know what to do anymore to solve it. -Thomas
  2. On Tompas World Im using All web menus to make my top menu. In Internet Explorer it shows up fine, in Mozilla it doesn´t. According to AWM´s helpfile it is supposed to be compatible with Mozilla and when viewing TCH-Kevins CSB-support his AWM menu shows up in Mozilla. What am I missing when doing mine? -Thomas
  3. Uhmm... I tried, but i cant. Head guru or anyone, heeeeeeeelp. Maybe my 404-monkey can, I´ll ask him.
  4. I´m less confused now. Thanks, bro. -Thomas
  5. Do you mean getting a notification twice for same message/poster in a thread? If so, why is a reply duplicated? -Thomas (very confused)
  6. Sorry for being off topic: Wonder who invents all the names. Dada is something a swedish baby says. -Thomas
  7. The problem continues. -Thomas
  8. Hi everybody, Hope all had a good christmas. Its over though so lets go on with a question. Lately I have received several notification-emails about same topic/reply. I dont mind getting alot email, but i am feeling sorry for that the mailman have to deliver same thing several times. Ok, enough questioning from me for now, back to planning new year. woooot -Thomas
  9. In another thread i understand that server 23 is moving and that affected siteowners will be emailed before? Is that email coming in days in advance or should i stop updating from now for a while? -Thomas
  10. I better try this... (will hit edit right away if doesnt work) Thomas TCH
  11. Ah the good ol´posticons, ok. I thought it was something added by user. Silly me. By the way, would it be possible to have the heart added to the smileys and not just as posticons? Thomas (who takes a closer look down the the reply window.)
  12. Yesterday I was asked what the smiley to the left of the messages mean. In this case it was a circle with yellow filling and a arrow in it. Anyone know? -Thomas
  13. Morning everyone, I tried to enter this magnificent forum for a longer time this morning but it was down, so i checked the http://www.tchstatus.com/status.html, on which i found this: All Web Hosting Networks Are Up and Running! Date: Thursday, October 2, 2003 Im not angry or so but wouldnt it be time to update it, cause October 2 was a long time ago and there was some problem yesterday as i understand (not sure since im on no. 23 myself). Have a nice day everyone. -Thomas (from a Sweden with snowchaos). Rock Sign
  14. In my visible counter on my site it can ignore to count me, but can i do something similar in awstats? -Thomas
  15. TCH-Thomas


    I have tried a few Free for all (links) page scripts today but none is what i want. So far i have tried "Link department" and "Directory script". Their faults are that they have poor (if any) help/f.a.q or can not be customised the way i want (colours etc). Does anyone know a "free" FFAL-script that is as easy to install, customise and easy to use as the invision forum, coppermine and so on? -Thomas
  16. You understood it correctly. Sorry for my confusing explanation. Thanks, Rob. -Thomas (counts 60, 59, 58... hey, whats before 56 )
  17. That´s what they found out so they skipped #4 and got rid of the bugs (i hope). -Thomas
  18. I see "Enqueue" in WA 5. -Thomas
  19. I had version 3 too and it crashed my computer all the time so i skipped it and continued with 2.81 until now. -Thomas
  20. Hey, in what way. I might learn why i shouldnt get close to my loved programs. -Thomas
  21. Im in love with the new version of winamp.. I met it for the first time yesterday and it was love at first sight. :hug: Bye bye all other mediaplayers. -Thomas
  22. I forgot to say, all links for this is on the top in this forum. -Thomas P.S What is your url?
  23. Hi, Submit a help desk ticket or check server status is what you can do i think. Havent checked my site yet so i dont know if its running. -Thomas
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