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  1. Let´s say, I wanna give someone a starter-plan as christmas present. Can I do that so it is registered in her name but paid by me? If yes, how do I exactly do that? -Thomas
  2. Does that poll work? I voted coppermine, but it didnt register my vote. -Thomas
  3. I always wondered what RSS is, anyone for a crash course? -Thomas
  4. On top of page it says "View Unanswered Posts". Has it said that for long or is it a new thing? -Thomas (worried he is getting old )
  5. Do files get embarrassed when they get unzipped? -Thomas (that hopes he aint get suspended for this )
  6. Hm...its a tough one... my vote is between J. Rabbit and B. Boop. -Thomas
  7. Yep, see this page: TCH banners -Thomas
  8. We dont celebrate as you guys do over there but, Happy thanksgiving to everyone. -Thomas
  9. Hi, I accidently hid the menus in paint shop pro 7.04. Anyone knowing how i get them back? -Thomas
  10. Thanks Mitch. Rock Sign -Thomas
  11. I know, but those are for the whole TCH (which i link to already), I just wanna tell the world I am a proud member of the best family there is, besides my real family. Since I figure there are a lot of guests not hosted on TCH that peeks in to the forum I just figured it was a great idea to 1) show the world what a great family we are... 2) by showing that... 3) and when they see how we care about each other here in forum, TCH will get more customers (and I get one more brother or sister ). -Thomas
  12. Since I like TCH and its family so much, may I place the attached banner (which i made today) on my site-section "Proud member of..." ? -Thomas
  13. Ah ok. Its a page coming up while waiting for the real page to show. This happens when entering white pages etc. Thanks TCH-Raul. -Thomas
  14. On icq.com they have this "please wait while... is loading". Hows that done and is it something I can do too without too much scripts & things? -Thomas (Newbie on scripts :Nerd: )
  15. Just adding no right click is useless as you say, but i found a way that people say is good for my current gallery, http://www.jikrantz.com/start.htm Click on Sections > Ginnie & Piggie, then click on any thumbnail. This is what I wanna try to do in coppermine except i know i wont get the pop ups. -Thomas
  16. Hi, I had same question a while ago, see this thread: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...325&hl=bravenet for some good choices. -Thomas
  17. Hm... I did all that and it sure works. No pics are showing (no thumbs or full size), all I see is the little red x´s, even as logged in as administrator. -Thomas
  18. Hi, I have set up a nice looking photo gallery with coppermine, but is there any ways i can prevent thieves as i can with usual no right click-scripts (and other things) in "normal" html-pages, in other words can i insert any scripts etc to the coppermine php files? If so, please tell me in the easy way cause its the first time i worked with php (except for a mail me form) and got it to work. -Thomas
  19. Ok, thanks. Can´t they write that in the instructions...grrrrrrr -Thomas (who wonders what he would do without his second family) Rock Sign
  20. Hm...why do i start threads that (almost) always become long? -Thomas, the one
  21. Hi, I am gonna upgrade coppermine photo gallery to its latest version. Its first time i do this. Upgradeinstructions tells me this: "If the file config.inc.php exists in the "include" directory, delete it." "If the file install.php exists in the root directory, delete it." Does that mean if it exists in my unzipped files or if it exists in the coppermine folder on my server? -Thomas
  22. Thanks TCH-Rob. Of course not, no one here is a god or a similar. I think we all are just happy bunch of people assisting each other in any way we can. Im no support staff or moderator but i am happy to answer anyone something that i feel is my knowledge and if i dont know the answer to a specific question, i be quiet to not mess it up more of the person with the problem. Take care everyone, -Thomas
  23. Ok. I don´t think that will be a problem, but its good to know. I know that if any of those members do anything wrong, they will (I think) be kicked from the club. -Thomas
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