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  1. Im gonna install a cgi counter on a site i maintain. Ive used the script before but now i need to tell it to ignore ip-adresses. (Poor) Instructions tells me to modify this, >@ignore = (""); Question 1) Do I delete anything like the brackets? Question 2) Do I write the numbers like this: or how? -Thomas
  2. Yep, i noticed too. But hey, its working now. :-) -Thomas
  3. Ive updated invision, which went smooth. Now im trying to edit the css. I do my changes and and all is good but if i wanna do more changes, the attached screen meets me. All I can do to have this message go away is to chooose to overwrite my changes, which i of course doesnt want too. What am i doing wrong? -Thomas
  4. Im no support guy but if you have his ip, you can block him in cpanel I think. -Thomas
  5. Try K-lite. Same thing (using kazaa-network) but without spyware. Unfortunately they cancelled developing it and and website aint working. But pm me a emailadress and i send it to you. -Thomas
  6. Thanks Dick -Thomas (who goes back to normal (for him) colour-sight)
  7. lol, but its true, if you ever screw up anything, there is always who did that too and have the solution to fix it. It can take a day or two (VERY rare though), but there will be a solution.I have no hosts to compare with but those free ones like tripod, but i have spent my money on TCH and NO regretion. -Thomas Rock Sign
  8. Ive been trying to edit the css for invision forum, but cant find what line controlling color for the "Test category". Anyone knowing? -Thomas (who now sees the colors this guy has in his head )
  9. I have a similar problem in coppermine photo album so I´ll be watching this one close. :Nerd: -Thomas
  10. Nope, unfortunately it doesn´t. Even tried to different configurations in Norton P.F, but no success. -Thomas
  11. Im trying to log in to my photo album but all the time i get the following error: Where in I.E 6.0 (or Norton personal firewall if relevant) do i change that? Until now it has worked fine, but not now. -Thomas
  12. Ive seen many people being asked to submit help desk tickets thru the time. I dont mind that, shows the support is more than willing to correct things immediately. Since you add so much great links on top in this forum, would it be possible to have one leading to where i fill out those tickets? I dont think there is one anyway, or is there? -Thomas
  13. Don´t know if im too early, but yep, its still there. -Thomas
  14. From today when i access this forum following box pops up (see attached). This box only appears when i enter the forum, no where else on the net. Ive have run every spyware-, antivirus- program i have but no luck. If nothing new started by TCH, do anyone else have this problem? -Thomas
  15. Can i import a guestbook backup? I had a database-thing named blahblah_agbook and made a back up. Got some trouble installing the update for new guestbook but figured it out. Solution was to make a new database (there was probably a better solution) and i named that blahblah_guestbook. Can i import info in old database to new? If so, please take it from beginning or tell me where i find (pre)newbie-instructions. I tried the documentation but it said nothing about importing as i saw. -Thomas
  16. Drop thi, I figured it out. Got a new question so i start a new thread in another place.
  17. Hi, On KW´s CSB-support it says I am about to publish a new site to a new server and have forgotten how i did with my first site here. As i recall i did NOT delete it, but i may have. -Thomas
  18. Thank you Mitch and Lianna. Sign-up is now complete and we should soon see a new member in the family. I messed up some in registration, but i will fix it as sooon we see it works. -Thomas
  19. What does this message mean? I have written right username and pw in the install. -Thomas
  20. Hm... It seems to have been a problem from a single computer. The guestbook was tried from another isp and that one worked. Thanks Mitch. -Thomas
  21. I tried to sign up. They declined it with the following reason: I just had to reply with: -Thomas
  22. Anyone knowing why adv. guestbook isnt mailing me there is a new entry and the visitor isnt get a thank you for signing...? -Thomas
  23. Works and looks great. Thank you Curtis. -Thomas
  24. Thanks Jack , but im not too good at php yet, so I go with Curtis thing this time. Just one question... Is there a way I can get rid of the AM/PM thing. No need for it if it shows 24 hours time. -Thomas
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