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  1. Anyone knowing why adv. guestbook isnt mailing me there is a new entry and the visitor isnt get a thank you for signing...? -Thomas
  2. Works and looks great. Thank you Curtis. -Thomas
  3. Thanks Jack , but im not too good at php yet, so I go with Curtis thing this time. Just one question... Is there a way I can get rid of the AM/PM thing. No need for it if it shows 24 hours time. -Thomas
  4. The following time and date script shows 12 hour clock (AM/PM), can i make it show 24 hours, like 13.00:05? ><HEAD> <script LANGUAGE="javascript"> <!-- Original: Craig Lumley --> <!-- Web Site: http://www.ws4all.co.uk --> <!-- This script and many more are available free online at --> <!-- The javascript Source!! http://javascript.internet.com --> <!-- Begin function MakeArrayday(size) { this.length = size; for(var i = 1; i <= size; i++) { this[i] = ""; } return this; } function MakeArraymonth(size) { this.length = size; for(var i = 1; i <= size; i++) { this[i] = ""; } return this; } function funClock() { if (!document.layers && !document.all) return; var runTime = new Date(); var hours = runTime.getHours(); var minutes = runTime.getMinutes(); var seconds = runTime.getSeconds(); var dn = "AM"; if (hours >= 12) { dn = "PM"; hours = hours - 12; } if (hours == 0) { hours = 12; } if (minutes <= 9) { minutes = "0" + minutes; } if (seconds <= 9) { seconds = "0" + seconds; } movingtime = ""+ hours + ":" + minutes + ":" + seconds + " " + dn + ""; if (document.layers) { document.layers.clock.document.write(movingtime); document.layers.clock.document.close(); } else if (document.all) { clock.innerHTML = movingtime; } setTimeout("funClock()", 1000) } window.onload = funClock; // End --> </script> </HEAD> and <BODY> <span id=clock style="position:relative;"></span> -Thomas
  5. Can this be done with domain registration too? Meaning, would be nice to give them the www.blahblah.com too. -Thomas
  6. Try Ad-aware, a free and easy program. -Thomas
  7. Let´s say, I wanna give someone a starter-plan as christmas present. Can I do that so it is registered in her name but paid by me? If yes, how do I exactly do that? -Thomas
  8. Does that poll work? I voted coppermine, but it didnt register my vote. -Thomas
  9. I always wondered what RSS is, anyone for a crash course? -Thomas
  10. On top of page it says "View Unanswered Posts". Has it said that for long or is it a new thing? -Thomas (worried he is getting old )
  11. Do files get embarrassed when they get unzipped? -Thomas (that hopes he aint get suspended for this )
  12. Hm...its a tough one... my vote is between J. Rabbit and B. Boop. -Thomas
  13. Yep, see this page: TCH banners -Thomas
  14. We dont celebrate as you guys do over there but, Happy thanksgiving to everyone. -Thomas
  15. Hi, I accidently hid the menus in paint shop pro 7.04. Anyone knowing how i get them back? -Thomas
  16. Thanks Mitch. Rock Sign -Thomas
  17. I know, but those are for the whole TCH (which i link to already), I just wanna tell the world I am a proud member of the best family there is, besides my real family. Since I figure there are a lot of guests not hosted on TCH that peeks in to the forum I just figured it was a great idea to 1) show the world what a great family we are... 2) by showing that... 3) and when they see how we care about each other here in forum, TCH will get more customers (and I get one more brother or sister ). -Thomas
  18. Since I like TCH and its family so much, may I place the attached banner (which i made today) on my site-section "Proud member of..." ? -Thomas
  19. Ah ok. Its a page coming up while waiting for the real page to show. This happens when entering white pages etc. Thanks TCH-Raul. -Thomas
  20. On icq.com they have this "please wait while... is loading". Hows that done and is it something I can do too without too much scripts & things? -Thomas (Newbie on scripts :Nerd: )
  21. Just adding no right click is useless as you say, but i found a way that people say is good for my current gallery, http://www.jikrantz.com/start.htm Click on Sections > Ginnie & Piggie, then click on any thumbnail. This is what I wanna try to do in coppermine except i know i wont get the pop ups. -Thomas
  22. Hi, I had same question a while ago, see this thread: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...325&hl=bravenet for some good choices. -Thomas
  23. Hm... I did all that and it sure works. No pics are showing (no thumbs or full size), all I see is the little red x´s, even as logged in as administrator. -Thomas
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