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  1. Database Server should remain "localhost" and yes, it is a shared server.
  2. Just have him make changes on his local copy and upload them after he makes the changes. There should be no need for him to have greater access as he can still work within his alloted space this way. Get more information though and we can see if there is a way to do what he wants without giving further access to him.
  3. Just log in to your cPanel and go to IP deny manager. Type in and click Add. That should do it, the down side is if they are on dial-up and their IP changes all the time. You could type 66.98.212 but you would be a greater number of potential visitors.
  4. It has to be filtered based on something, just because their email address might be in the return address does not mean it is coming from their Internet account. There needs to be some commonality for them ALL to be checked as SPAM. Did you create your form or was it a script that you found? If you can determine what is common amongst all of them you can change the filtering system within Outlook.
  5. FWIW, aside from the stats page pollution, it in no way harms anything related to your site nor your SEO. Just annoying more than anything else.
  6. I dont have that message on mine. I would open a ticket and have them look into it. Welcome to the forums.
  7. Well, I dont know if it will fix Jays' problem but it is an easy to miss step and I didnt see it in the install docs until I went back and really looked at them.
  8. Think I got it. I was having the same problem, I could not log in to it with and default user pass combination at all that were given in the install docs. A little looking on their forums and I found that even though I did an import of "build_mysql.sql" in phpMyAdmin, I never imported "seed_mysql.sql". After I did that, I could log in without problems. If this does not work then please let me know.
  9. From where? Home? Work? Are you behind a firewall? How are you entering your domain name? Can you get there by using your-tch-domain.com/cpanel? A little more information would be helpfull. Welcome to the forums.
  10. Just making sure, I know some have mistakenly put in information that they were not aware would be out there for the whole world to see. If I can get some time tonight I will play with it and see what I can come up with. I have downloaded it and will play with it later to see what I come up with.
  11. Jay, Thats not your home phone number up there is it? If so, I am not sure you want that all over the internet or not. Just a thought.
  12. Well if it were a car then I want one of these; http://www.caranddriver.com/previews/10108...veyron-164.html Really though, I want it to be able to repair all of the damage that I have caused tha past few months in my life.
  13. In my opinion, age should have nothing to do with being able to work nor your pay. As long as the employee can perform the job then they should be allowed to do it, older or younger. And, equal work equal pay no matter the age, gender or whatever else they might base things off of.
  14. Sorry, I misread your first post as she could not log in to "her" user account. I did not know that you did not have the admin password. It matters not now as I think Bill has provided a viable solution
  15. You cant, this is a server wide setting and TCH updates when they feel comfortable about releasing it across all of the servers and it not causing issues.
  16. Can you get in to the administrator account? There you can reset the password. If not, I have found some ways to try and get around it but I am not sure of the legality of using these methods so I will not mention them here. Do you have any software like ERD?
  17. While I cannot speak for the moderators, I dont see a need to close the thread as it can be of use to someone else that may need the information. I am glad to see you got things resolved.
  18. The gateway itself is but you want to secure things from your site to the gateway.
  19. Was that a bump? Try changing "DESC limit -20, 20" to "DESC limit 20"
  20. Mine shows under "Scripts Library" next to YABB.
  21. OK, I had a better look at things and I think the simplistic was maybe a poor choice. This really looks pretty robust. There are a lot of features and I think it would make a great multi-blog, even one for a single user, though I think it might be overkill if used as that. There seem to be a fair number of plugins and templates available for it and one can custom create their own if they wish. The templating system is based of Smarty so there may be a learning curve that one has to overcome if they are used to other blog scripts. Although I am not ready to leave WP as I am satisfied, should I ever feel the need to move beyond it, I will be sure that this is the first place I go.
  22. Bah! I had ten minutes to kill so I thought I would try it out. Being a WP user, it was not intuitive to me at first. Took a second to find out where everything was. My initial impression is that it is somewhat simplistic yet it seems to have potential. I would need to play around with it to be able to give a full "Rob" review.
  23. Here is what I did to get this working; Downloaded file Uploaded to my webspace Unpacked using File Manager Renamed folder to "life" (for my ease of use) Created database in cPanel Created user for said database Added user to database Navigate in your File Manager to yourtchdomain/life/config and change config.properties.php permissions to 777 go to yourtchdomain.com/life/wizard.php Fill in "localhost"; "yourtchdomain_admin2"; "password"; "youyrtchdomain_life"; Next Next Fill in form Next Fill in more things Select a template Next Remove wizard.php file and change permissions on config.properties.php back to what they were Welcome to LifeType
  24. Chuck, They do not offer any services like that.
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