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  1. Thanks, I had tried doing it with my_user_name before, but I tried doing it again double and triple checking everything, and this time it worked. Also it turns out that I can stick my functions file in the same directory as as the file that calls it. this structure works / should contain php.ini /public_html should contain the modified .htaccess file /public_html/my_working_directory/ should contain the page calling the function "connect_db.php" and the functions file "functions.php" jayr
  2. I can't seem to make this work, I think I followed the step by step exactly, however when I attempt to put a require statement into a php file "require("functions.php")or die(mysql_error());" and have functions.php in the same directory I get the following error message "Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required '1' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/fournine/public_html/PHPMySQL/connect_db.php on line 3" If I undestand the instructions correctly the file structure should look something like this / should contain php.ini /public_h
  3. Bruce, Thanks for the note, I saw some references to a virtual file instead of using httpd which made me think that it might now be possible, I am going to go ahead with a test installation using sub directories and if that works will think if the added degree of professional appearance might make it worth looking into going the sub domain route. WP multi is only part of what I am trying to accomplish, if the rest of it don't work then the sub domain issue is kinda moot. Thanks for getting back to me jayr
  4. Bruce, Quick question on Wordpress 3.0 and multi site (WP Networking) I am planning on setting up a multi site installation of WP, in reading the FAQ the basic decision up front is to set it up as sub domains or sub directories. In order to set it up as sub domains a change has to be made in httpd.conf, however in reviewing the forums I found a discussion from back in 2007 and it appears that TCH does not allow wildcard domains, in spite of being able to configure sub domains in cpanel. I am wondering if this policy has changed or if I am going to have to set it up with sub directo
  5. I will do that, but it still strikes me as very strange, one outfit out there that blacklists an IP address and then mail starts failing, is there not some kinda peer review system going on? I assume that others besides myself are having their mail fail, it was only trying to send to this one particular address that brought it to my attention. jayr
  6. I emailed a commercial company asking for information from one of my sites, and it was bounced by the clients server as being from some kinda suspect IP address, which of course is a total choice IP address. I went to the address given and found that the TCH address does in fact show up on one out of about 8 lists that apparently magicmail subscribes to. Have never seen this before, and I guess I could use a non-TCH address to resend this particular email. My question is what is this all about? Do these listing services want some kinda pay off to take you off the list? I checked the li
  7. Does anyone know what the current URL for this resource is ?
  8. I have been using Mailman for my mailing list, and while it works it sure is ugly. I have been looking around for a replacement 3rd party mailing list package to install, it will have to be compatible with TCH however, I have a list manager function in the SMF bulletin boards that I operate and when I try to use them TCH has limits on the number of emails that can be sent in a given time period so cannot send a mailing to my entire list at one time. I am looking for some think that will let me send HTML encoded emails without adding all the ugly text only headers and footers to my mess
  9. I installed the PHP handler, and really like the hell out of being able to include other pages using the PHP include function. However I am running into a snag that I could use some help with. I use template files alot, and when I cut and paste a template file into a sub directory, the path to the include file is not updated to reflect that the included file is now in a higher directory. I tried to use a fully qualified name for the include file Top Level <?php include("cssmenu.html"); ?> Sub directory <?php include("http://www.My_Domain.com/cssmenu.html"); ?>
  10. Once again I am having problems with the Front Page Server Extensions on one of the sites I have on a resellers account. When I try to publish from front page I get a standard error message that the extentions are not installed When I go to cpanel and do the remove reinstall thing I get an error message saying there is something wrong with my .htaccess file. I have had this problem several times in the past, always required a new line in the .htaccess file, but have lost my notes, and since I have never been able to do compound searches on TCH am unable to find the hint about to on
  11. Dick, I spoke too soon about being able to create a database from a php script, when I went back and attempted to do so again I got an error message. Next step will be to attempt creating a database in cpanel, then using a php script to create a table, and then operate on the table. Am kinda wondering if there are any TCH tutorials about the baby steps in working with PHP and MySQL ? I have installed a number of packages in the past that utilize both PHP and MySQL so am pretty sure that I will eventually be able to write my own stuff, but can use all the help I can get for the
  12. Thanks for the quick reply, actually I mucked about with phpMyAdmin a bit and found that out, however I did notice something strange. When I open up phpMyAdmin I see that my user account is flagged as "No Privileges" for creating a database. However I can go to the MySQL gui and create a database there, assume that I can also do it from the MySQL Wizard gui. Once I create a database in the MySQL gui, I can then do stuff at the command line level on that database in phpMyAdmin. I guess my question at this point is why don't I have database creation privileges in phpMyAdmin ? FWIW I
  13. After being away from it since the late 80's I am starting to get back into software development. Of course my focus is on PHP/MySQL. I have PHP/MySQL/Apache installed on a local server for conducting some tests, also put MySQL on my workstation so I can play around in the Command prompt for directly testing some SQL commands. I am running some PHP scripts on TCH for testing, and am about to start playing around with MySQL on TCH. At present the only way I can see to run MySQL commands is under a PHP script. This introduces a level of complexity that I am not totally happy with for
  14. I am trying to get email set up for a new customer. I have a list of corporate email addresses which I have installed, and I have set them all to forward to a specific address in the same domain for start up activities. I want to add an autoresponder to each of these addresses as well, the forwarder seems to be working, however the autoresponder does not seem to be working. Desired functionality is A. Someone emails to one of the corporate addresses B. Email is forwarded to the designated address C. Autoresponder sends custom reply for that address to originator of the original
  15. Thanks for the suggestion, I took a look at them, and I am really looking for something that will allow my community users to interact more. jayr
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