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  1. Any reason that this CA isn't used to generate SSL certs? It would make SSL affordable to anybody, and you could still charge the $32 fee to install the cert.
  2. Are we down again? Because my domain, email, etc are completely inaccessable.
  3. Was there a memory quota imposed with this upgrade as well? I've been trying to update my phpffl players list since the update and had nothing but Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 44 bytes) in <hidden>/phpffl/program_files/autorun/myffl/functions/players_functions.php on line 92 Normally I barely use my site... but FFL is starting up, and I need to pull a full update from the roster site (something I do once a year about mid to late august). This is the first year I've had a problem pulling a 365 day update.
  4. Oh and btw your forums are busted when it comes to useing the quote bbcode.
  5. That's so weird... I never had it on my cpanel before... but I saw it just the other day and was about to give it a try when I found this post. Server382 still has it. Spam Assassin hasn't done jack squat for me... In the last 3 weeks I've received at least 500 pieces of spam... I figured Boxtrapper would do the trick nicely since it would force accounts to confirm themselves. My wife has received close to 10x the spam I've received... and that's with spam assassin on... and configured to drop anything it flags as spam.
  6. Any tips on how to get rid of the junk that's cluttering up my Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines) statistics in awstats? Here's my top 5 or so.. >http://68644.forum.onetwomax.de/selskin=0 187 3.8 % 187 3.4 % http://bandrakon.evergore.com/duelview.php 78 1.6 % 78 1.4 % http://phentermine.ltxt.com 71 1.4 % 71 1.3 % http://www.getinternetcasinos.com 61 1.2 % 61 1.1 % http://www.forpartypoker.com 58 1.1 % 58 1 % I don't run a poker related site... It's obvious I'm being spammed in some way back to my site... and polluting my legit Links from an external page stats... but I don't know how to stop it. Any tips?
  7. Thank you so much David. Making mods to files is nothing new for me... Working with php in a non-webserver like environment (i.e. not using get) is though. Thank you for your help. The mod works via phpshell, so I expect that it will work fine via cron. Probably would have felt less griefed if in the process of denying my access to get/wget and lynx, somebody had notified me of the change prior to its being enacted.
  8. Just what I didn't need to see... php -q doesn't work or doesn't appear to work when I have to append command line parameters onto the script. For instance black nova traders, an online game has a scheduler system that runs via get. you have to append ?swordfish="password" onto the end of the php script, which never worked right unless called via a URL. I forsee much grief for me.
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