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  1. Hello, I'm utterly confused about what I'm sure is a simple issue. If anyone would be so kind as to make sense of it for me, I'd appreciate it. I have Zen Cart installed on my site. If I install a Payment Gateway (like authrorize.net or cardservice.com) to accept credit cards , do I also need to buy a SSL cert separately? Isn't the Payment Gateway secure?
  2. GAH!! I barely made the deadline! and I just finished taxes as well. *eye twitching massively* Restrain your obvious envy of my uber-cool vintage computer and tidy work space My lovely personal assistant (and as today proved, competent therapist), Baci, supported here on a mountain of tax stuff, says 'Hi'. Or 'Help'.
  3. Hi, I'm having the same problem as Valerie....Except my index.html is already lowercase but when I go to www.**** all that shows is the HTML code? I uploaded it under public_html I'm sure I'll get the hang of this someday but for the time being it's making my brain hurt Amanda
  4. Woo! Fantastic! I muchly appreciate your help! Thanks again, Amanda
  5. Hi, I’m a wee bit (totally and utterly) confused about domain registration/transfers/hosting… Is it possible for me to have my domain registered at one place, but have my page hosted by TCH with no problems and no additional charges from the registrar or TCH?? Thanks in advance! Amanda
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