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  1. I downloaded the 2 files from the ZIP file on http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/statisticspage.htm. I then moved them over to the server under a new directory called stats. I enter the user id and password that are under the config file and the web page says "This page is in Filipino. Translate it using Google Toolbar". There is then a Translate button. See attached image appears. Any Thoughts?
  2. Is the link http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/statisticspage.htm still valid? I try clicking on the Zip and I get the Maintenance page. Happened yesterday as well.
  3. I have a client that is saying that he is receiving e-mails in batches, he has a forwarder account. They all have different times on them. He is also having issues sending e-mails, saying people are not receiving them. I asked him to check his refresh rate of his mail package but that is not it. Could this be an issue with TC? Also, is there a way I can check an e-mail status. DPK
  4. Yes, I am getting to the RegSubmit2.php A new window is opened, with https://www.xxxxx.com/RegSubmit2.php in the URL. I've attached an image of the Screen print. And I just put in your code at the top "print_r($_POST); " and that did not even print out. As I have said, I could put test@gmail.com and the same other data and it would be fine. Being a developer for 10 yrs, this is really messing me up. I have other forms using similiar logic where I dont get the form error on AOL. GTLL_regSubmit.bmp
  5. I try to get into script that does the POST to get the field, I even put in Echo "Display HERE" but it does not even display. Here is the input >function form_submit() { var msg = '' if (document.RegForm.Emer_Phone.value.length < 7 ) { msg='\n Must enter in Emergency Phone'; document.RegForm.Emer_Phone.focus(); } if (document.RegForm.Emer_Contact.value.length < 5 ) { msg='\n Must enter in Emergency Contact'+msg; document.RegForm.Emer_Contact.focus(); } if (document.RegForm.Phone.value.length < 7 ) { msg='\n Must enter in Phone'+msg; document.RegForm.Phone.focus(); } if (document.RegForm.Zip.value.length < 5 ) { msg='\n Must enter in Zip'+msg; document.RegForm.Zip.focus(); } if (document.RegForm.State.value.length < 2 ) { msg='\n Must enter in State'+msg; document.RegForm.State.focus(); } if (document.RegForm.City.value.length < 2 ) { msg='\n Must enter in City'+msg; document.RegForm.City.focus(); } if (document.RegForm.Address.value.length < 10 ) { msg='\n Must enter in Address'+msg; document.RegForm.Address.focus(); } if (document.RegForm.Mother_Lname.value.length > 1 && document.RegForm.Mother_Fname.value.length < 2) { msg='\n Must enter in Mother First Name'+msg; document.RegForm.Mother_Fname.focus(); } if (document.RegForm.Father_Lname.value.length > 1 && document.RegForm.Father_Fname.value.length < 2) { msg='\n Must enter in Father First Name'+msg; document.RegForm.Father_Fname.focus(); } if (document.RegForm.Father_Lname.value.length < 2 && document.RegForm.Mother_Lname.value.length < 2) { msg='\n Must enter in Parent Info'+msg; document.RegForm.Father_Lname.focus(); } if (msg!='') { window.alert('Errors in form\n'+msg); return(false); } else { if (document.RegForm.confval.value!='Y') { msg='\nPlease validate all information and check the confirmed box.'; window.alert('Errors in form\n'+msg); return(false); } else { return(true); } } . . . <form name='RegForm' method='POST' onSubmit='return form_submit()' action='RegSubmit2.php' > . . <input name="Email_Address" type="text" size="30" maxlength="65"/> . . <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit" /> </form> Here is the RegSubmit2.php script ><? $Email_Address = $_POST["Email_Address"]; include('RegInclude/ConnectRegUpd.php'); include('RegInclude/RegIsrt.php'); ?>
  6. I built a Form which includes an Email address to be entered. This works fine except when a user puts in an AOL email account (test@aol.com), I get an I.E message stating "Internet Explorer cannot read this webpage format". Http 406 Not Acceptable. I have tried this on multiple PC and still no luck. When I enter the same information but change the e-mail to test@Gmail.com. Any thoughts here? Thanks
  7. I had 2 forwarder accounts that were to gmail that were deleted. Not sure how or why but I re-added them.
  8. I set up hosting on TC for a company not currently with TC, BUT am in process of transferring the domain, also building a new web site for them. When I set up the transfer I did not change the NameServers to point to TC... yet.... I will do so when I feel comfortable. Now, here is where the big questions lie.. They have some e-mail accounts with the domain. Question 1 is... how will the e-mail accounts be effected, when will they be effected and what can I do to prevent any down time. I did create new e-mail accounts through CPAnel for the domain. Question 2 is... is there a good area for discussions on how e-mail actually works? I know it has to do with some MX being pointed somewhere but what are MX records, and where should they be pointed. Question 3 is... Can I controll when (like between 9 and 10pm) when the e-mail system will be transferred over? Thanks, If there are issues, I just want to be able to fix them right away. I'm sure others have had this question in the past.
  9. Is anyone aware of some script we can run that will verify the current .php scripts that we have will be compliant with version 5? I would hate to all of a sudden have to deal with several issues. Preventative maintence would be nice for planning purposes. Thx
  10. Well, this did not seem to resolve the issue. Also, in CPANEL, I did a TRACE E-mail Address with the new account and the results were not what I expected, said "virtual_sa_user to local delivery". When I do a hotmail account, or other accounts not in the domain of issue, I get more e-mail results.
  11. I recently had a domain transfer (yesterday). And created a few e-mail accounts through CPANEL. I sent an e-mail to both new accounts and my hotmail account FROM one mail provider. I got a bounced error message at this provider. I then went into my hotmail account, replied to ALL (which included the new e-mail accounts I created) and the e-mail did in fact go through to the new account. I submitted a ticket and they said it had to do with the "sending Side". That really does not make much sense to me. Any other thoughts? Could it be due to the domain name transfer needing more time? Could it be something else? I just dont like the answer given due to it working on one spot and another spot. Thanks, Dan
  12. I developed some software, and they want e-mail forwarding. I do not want them to see some of the files, or mess around with the databases that is why I only want to provide access to the e-mail portion. I gues "Users" was the incorrect term. Since this is not allowable, any way for me to create a signon that will not allow them to look @ any of the directories? also, Is there a quick way to set up another cpanel account so he does not have to go in through my id?
  13. I would like to create an account for a user that will allow them to only see the e-mail options. This is because I dont want them touching the files, only the e-mail forwarding. Is there a way to do this? Thanks, DPK
  14. Looking in CPANEL I do not see an option to set up the PHP Bulletin Board. Where did it go?
  15. I found a link that describes some helpfull hints.. Under "Web / Ftp Statistics", select "Awstats", then @ the bottom select "Advanced Web Statistics 6.4 (build 1.814) - Created by awstats (plugins: geoipfree)". Good for reference
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