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  1. Bill, I cut the grass, trimmed the bushes, installed a sprinkler system and even painted pink toenails on the 800 pound gorilla. All that and there was still a lack of a reliable service and no family atmosphere.
  2. Can you download the zip file to your computer and upload it to your webspace and then unpack it with cPanels file manager? I would really be careful about giving out your information to anyone other than a TCH staff member. As helpful as we all are, you never know.
  3. You wouldn’t know it by my post count, but I have been with TCH for over three years. In this time I have gotten to know my host quite well. As such, I have decided to give my opinion of TCH. Let’s start from the top of the heap. Bill; the owner, head guru and king of the hill is about the most up front guy I have met. He is honest and willing to bend over backwards for his family members (customers). While I have not always seen eye to eye with him, mostly from my own poor choices, he is someone I would want on my side. The support staff; Dick, Tim, Vivek, you name them and you c
  4. Tim, I am glad to hear that your pup is doing better and things will be falling into place. Remember, humanity is what gives us passion towards those that things like this happen to.
  5. I should have gotten it while I had the chance. I can't get to it at the moment. You might want to research it a bit first. Google "Protector System" phpnuke. I see many references to cross site scripting and a few other issues that may not have been resolved yet. I will keep looking into it for you.
  6. Depending on if you care to have mynet.com visitors come to your site you could also ban 85.106.178 in your cPanel to at least buy some time to get your site patched up. You can always remove the ban after you have secured your site. You can also download the file here; http://nukecops.com/downloads-file-142-det...stem_1.13b.html If you cant get it, let me know. I can get it and send it to you.
  7. You cannot change the php.ini on a shared server as it will have an effect on all the users of that server.
  8. Per their site; In most cases there is no need to have the www so why use it at all, or so they believe. As far as I can tell, they want you to redirect to show visitors that you dont want them to use the www. It does not reduce load times. I had to refresh the page in IE to get it to display everything.
  9. 16 Dave, I have seen where the registration server cant connect to the regisrty to validate the name as being taken or available so it will give it to you until it can verify if it is or isn't available. This way if it is available then someone else can't get to it when they can talk to each other again.
  10. I am going to take a guess and say that because Invision is no longer free and being upgraded that it is no longer in cPanel. I do not have it in mine. That said, you can go to your file manager in your cPanel and delete the folder your Invision board is in and delete it and then go to MySQL Databases in cPanel and delete the database as well to remove it from your hosting account. At least that is what I would do.
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