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  1. Thanks Alex. Bruce, it's just a Nikon D7000.
  2. I will be the first to admit that I am not that great with working on websites, there was a time but that's another story. Due to this I sometimes make mistakes that have an impact on my site. "Honestly, officer, I have no idea why I decided to delete everything at the root level and not do anything about it for several weeks." This was pretty much my issue last night. TCH-Tina got me taken care of and didn't even poke fun at me for being a dork. It's because of this that I am with TCH. I don't have to use support that often, but when I do they are always there for me. Trust me, if they treat ME like I am important I know that they will treat you that way too. I don't even pay enough per month to buy Bill lunch yet my issues are always resolved in a timely manner and if there are any escalated issues they are dealt with quickly. I've not been here since the ark struck ground because it is inexpensive, I am here because I am treated right.
  3. I know that old man feeling, Thomas. I made it white and a bit bigger for our old eyes. Thanks Bruce, I got a new camera recently and am goofing off when I get free time. Between my school, the kids' school and the rest of real life I am dying for more computer time. I will try and show my face around here a little more often. Rob
  4. If so, I have a site that I am playing around with. http://www.mcilroyfamily.com personal site Robert Mcilroy Photography A photo blog A blog Link back is in the footer
  5. Haha, nope. No operating system, yet.
  6. Just thought I'd post a shot of my almost completed project, eight months of fun.
  7. Hey Thomas and Bruce, Things are going as well as can be here.
  8. Do you ever feel like you have too much time on your hands? Neither do I but I decided to do something with all of that time I didn't have and decided to put it to good use. He isn't done but I am making good progress. I have been gone for a while. How has everyone been?
  9. Wow, has it really been that long? Thanks guys.
  10. You don't HAVE to get the help desk to do it. I don't change my database passwords that often because I use a password manager program to create them at the maximum length with maximum complexity. Most people aren't going to spend that much time with my site to try and get in. For a commercial site I might change it every so often though to protect user data. My user logins are another story though. By the way, while we are on the subject and for those that want an easy way to make complex passwords and be able to remember them without using a program, I have a solution that is simple to me. I base mine off of a phrase I can remember. It works as follows; Lets say my phrase is "What is your favorite TV show?" If I answer "My favorite TV show is Friends" then that is the basis for my password. I take the first letter of each word in my answer, in this case it is "MFTVSIF" Then I substitute symbols or numbers in places where it and the letter look the same. As such, my password might end up as "IVIfTv$!F" I split letters where I can so an "N" might turn into "lV" or a "V" becomes "\/" I guess my point is that complex does not have to mean hard to remember so dont be afraid to mix them up. This month could be your favorite TV show and the next could be your favorite beer or species of python or whatever.
  11. I havent used it but I did take a quick look at the installation doc for it as a stand alone script AND integrating it to Wordpress. Nothing stood out as far as not being able to use it and it doesnt look like it would bother your other server mates while you use it.
  12. Guys, My site, it's gone. It's ok though, I asked for it. Placed my request a little while ago and got a confirmation response 10 minutes later. Eight minutes after my response the request had been completed. 18 minutes from start to finish, on a weekend evening no less. I guess there is a reason I have been here for 5 years. Good work to all and thanks Tina!
  13. I had a similar issue. I just had the helpdesk adjust the permissions for me. I dont know if the upgrade will solve that or not though.
  14. Someone say Food? Oddly enough, I had an omlette.
  15. Some interesting information I found. http://cyberinsecure.com/carpet-bombing-vu...me-new-browser/ I might wait a bit before playing with it.
  16. Hi all, I thought I would pop in and give a short review. I have been here for over 5 years now. I used to post a lot but have been a bit quiet lately. I am the black sheep of the family but love my host none the less. In the past year, I have had one issue and it was my doing that caused it. Dick was there to help even though it was after hours. My service just works, day in and day out, I dont even have to think about it. For me, that is what makes TCH perfect. Always on, problems taken care of when you need it and just a great all around team here on the forums and behind the scenes. If you are reading these forums and wondering if you should purchase hosting here, just do it. You will be happy you did. Rob
  17. Hey kids, Been a while and I need your help. I am looking for a package that I can share with a small group of people. I would like the ability to have a main area where I can share news and information. A community discussion area. A place where members can have their own little posting area and maybe upload pictures. I am thinking CMS but I have been out of the picture for a long time so I am looking to the TCH family to provide some assistance. I remember Nuke was pretty popular but if I recall there were security problems or something. Think Xoops will fit the bill or are there other places I should be looking? Rob
  18. You will never get anything to make sense on the internet. That said, it could be a bot or spider following it another way to go from that site to yours. I dont have an answer as to why, only how.
  19. No matter what she does while trying to copy data off that drive, external enclosure, slaving it to her C drive will run that risk. It really depends on where that infection is. If it came in an email then she runs the risk when she goes back to that message. If it is sitting in the temp files on that old drive or in the system32 folder it is less likely as those areas shouldnt be touched if she is only copying data from the Outlook folder on the slaved drive.
  20. Type lunarstudio in their search and it shows as the first result. At least it does for me.
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