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  1. Don't know about you, but the various places around TCH I see the email set up guidelines they have a tendency to contradict each other. How about a bog standard set of email client configuration guidelines on the email FAQ page, and a link to that page where the other guidelines are now found? Such as in CPanel for example.
  2. As long as I can get it installed without having to put up with "admin" as my admin name. That is so mundane.
  3. Since apparently nobody has asked, I thought I would. WordPress 2.7 has an upgrade feature. One can by using the feature upgrade one's WordPress installation. But only if one is upgrading from 2.7 or subsequent releases. The question I have is this, Will Total Choice allow this, place restrictions on it, or ban its use? Since 2.7 is soon to be released I thought it would be a good idea to clarify things.
  4. From the TikiWiki forum I was informed that TikiWiki requires access to the /temp folder. Is this a permissions problem?
  5. That's what I got when trying to install TikiWiki. Somebody screwed up the installation script.
  6. Fast, friendly, efficient. Most appreciated in a "Oh God, do I have to?" world. Whatever you're paying them, make sure they get dental on top of it.
  7. Looking for information on how much memory is allocated to PHP, and if it is possible to have that allocation increased. I've heard most hosts set it at 8 megs, but a number of PHP using applications (weblogs, wikis, and CMSs) require 16 or even 32 megs
  8. To the folder that holds the "public_html" folder I'm guessing. (May sound obvious to you, but I have a talent for getting the obvious wrong.)
  9. How do you install blogging software such as B2Evolution in the root directory?
  10. Oh please, let it stay. I'll walk it every day and clean up after it's messes.
  11. Done and did. Already processed and Fantastico is ready to go on Mythusmage Opines.com. BTW, my thanks for adding B2Evolution to the offerings.
  12. Fantastico upgrade expectation? An upgrade to Wordpress 2.3 for example. Last I heard that uses PHP5. And speaking of Fantastico, when ever I click on Fantastico in my control panel I get a 404.
  13. After PHP and MySQL are upgraded to version 5 when can we expect an upgrade to cPanel and Fantastico?
  14. Ah, clarity arises in this one's mind. Much thanks. I'll pass word on to the Drupal forums.
  15. I just installed Drupal on mythusmage.com in the root directory, Drupal needs a cron-job for certain functions. The command would be... The (partial) file path is, /public_html/cron.php in case you're wondering.
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