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  1. What file transfer protocol should I use that preserves both permissions (mode) and time stamps?
  2. When you migrated "newyork" to "brute" you took away the SFTP access that had been there for many years. Will you also remove SFTP access on "halloway" with this migration? (Your claim is that we can use SSL FTP instead of SFTP, but SSL FTP doesn't preserve file permissions (mode) or time stamps, which makes it useless for web site updates.)
  3. The chat room link above no longer works.
  4. When did you announce this? I missed the announcement and my email is failing to some recipients. Switching to using MailChannels requires everyone affected to modify their domain's SPF records to include the MailChannels server list, or else their outgoing mail will fail the SPF check. Not good! See http://www.mailchannels.com/outbound-spam-filtering/why-do-i-have-to-set-up-spf-in-order-to-use-mailchannels-smtp-relay-service/
  5. An email I sent out via my idallen.ca domain hosted by TCH (on newyork.snhdns.com) : 2014-06-10T02:23:46.478080-04:00 me postfix/smtp[30320]: 53BCB401EDD: to=<user@example.com>, relay=idallen.ca[]:587, delay=1.1, delays=0.03/0.04/0.9/0.18, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 OK id=1WuFT8-0004KR-Tr) ended up in the MailChannels SMTP relay service for delivery to my recipient. It didn't originate from the above TCH server where I dropped off the message. Info on MailChannels is here: http://www.mailchannels.com/products/smtp-relay/ Is TCH using MailChannels now? I can't figure out how my message to him got in there.
  6. You've got a good tech team there - can they not find a way to apply SpamCop on a per-domain basis, so that indvidual domains can opt-out? (I would opt out because I have my own excellent home-grown spam filtering and I can do a much better job than TCH of knowing what is and is not spam.) I would think that all you'd need to do is let a domain specify a different MX record that bypassed the SpamCop filtering. Instead of MX=idallen.ca I would set up MX=directmx.idallen.ca and point that to a TCH server that didn't use SpamCop. (Depending on how the server works, it might even be the same server but the use of the alternate domain name would trigger a different set of mail rules that avoided the SpamCop problem. I don't know the details, but it seems possible without too much messing around?) If TCH continues the Yahoo spam block (because SpamCop is being dumb about it), I will have to move my MX record to my own server. I can't tell all my friends on Yahoo to change email addresses. P.S. Hi Bill! Long time no see!
  7. I had a site at sub.domain/wordpress and (without moving any files) got it to appear as sub.domain (without the /wordpress in any of the URLs) by following the instructions here: http://codex.wordpre...s_Own_Directory
  8. I have two sites where the upgrade has resulted in the site failing to process .php files. My browser says "You have chosen to open <blank> which is a: application/x-httpd-php52 from: <URL>". Taking out the AddType line fixed the problem (presumably by using the new PHP).
  9. Box Trapper is still on server20 almost a year later. Is it really going to be removed?
  10. Indeed, this is all I see on server20: Mail Manager Main Menu Web Mail Manage/Add/Remove Accounts Default Address Auto-responders E-mail Filtering Forwarders SpamAssassin Trace an E-mail Address I opened a ticket. How odd that it should just disappear like that. Thanks for the quick replies, guys!
  11. Is mailman gone (server20) or moved? I can't find it. I was going to delete an old list and I can't find the cPanel interface under "Mail Manager Main Menu" that lets me do that.
  12. Paul - you've posted your solutions but not the problem you're trying to solve. Are you trying to open up a port-forward from a particular IP address, based on whether that IP address has an SSH connection to your machine? If so, yes, you can do that: . When your user logs in to your machine, have their login script . set up the iptables rule to permit the port forwarding; or, have . them execute something that has the same effect. The real trick is getting the rule to go away again when the user logs out or the connection drops. Depending on how important this is, you can use some combination of a nested shell, a logout profile, or a CRON job that looks for this user being logged in and removes the iptables rule when no login is found or when the user's idle time goes above some number.
  13. People really come to love :heart their Mac computers. Nobody says that about a Windows machine.
  14. I use mutt exclusively - all the software I use is open source. I use a well-trained TCH SpamAssassin filter to filter mail arriving at TCH and then download only the good stuff using fetchmail. Every now and then I look over the spambox and see if anything got put there that shouldn't be there. I maintain a whitelist and upload it to TCH to guide SpamAssassin. My SpamAssassin database shows 24,675 good messages passed and 100,579 spam messages rejected for a ratio of 4 spam to every 1 real email. I run all incoming mail (as fetchmail fetches it) through a final procmail filter that catches the stuff that SpamAssassin misses. Whatever is left goes into my Linux mail spool for mutt to read. I use Mandrake 10.1 Linux (2.6.8 kernel). Thumbs Up
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