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  1. I think I will just stick with version 2 for now. I put FF3 on my laptop and was not impressed. To many plugins and such that I use that do not work or do not work correctly.
  2. Yes please. The same as before. Thank you Thomas.
  3. Hmm it seems as if my two sites have disappeared from the family pages. Both the sites listed below are personal pages. And both are about trucking. The back link to total choice has been on both sites for a long time. www.phantom309drivers.org www.proftrucker.com
  4. If you want to check out sites just look in my signature below.
  5. JTD


    Hi , 喂, Hallo,bonjour, Γειά,Ciao,привет, مرحبا There I think I have covered my hello's
  6. No I was running the version just before the new one. And my update in the help section said there was none. And I do not run any type of beta software. To risky.
  7. This must not be an update. This is a whole new version hence the update section in Help says there is nothing new.
  8. MY suggestion is take it to a shop and have the hard drive completely wiped clean. And then have them put a fresh install of XP on it. I plan on getting a new laptop sometime at the end of the year and that is what I will have done. I will not use vista.
  9. Naw T1 line at home 20/1500 wont take but a few minutes to download it.
  10. Well if you pc is capable Staples has ram on sale right now. I just bought 2 gig of ram for $59.
  11. I voted for logo1 Since it is motor city that one to me just looks more motor is all i can say lol.
  12. JTD

    Spammers And Phpbb

    Well I have added some new security measures after getting some good tips from the family here at TCH So far so good. Now it is a waiting game to see what happens.
  13. Well poo I hope version2 stays halfway secure and no one finds any new bugs with it. I really do not like version3.
  14. JTD

    Spammers And Phpbb

    I have admin userlist. That is the first mod I install on my forums. I found that years ago. No I do not use easy mod. I found it to be more of a pain than it was worth.
  15. JTD

    Spammers And Phpbb

    Well I have added 3 mods. One that kills the signature and the homepage link blocks until you are a full fledged member. Plus I have added 2 different security question fields. And now I am working on the new captcha mod. Yes that is the captcha mod I am working on. Hopefully this all works. And I am also adding a open proxy mod. That will kill anyone trying to register with an open proxy. I just hope that one does not backfire and not let legit people register.
  16. JTD

    Spammers And Phpbb

    I will look at the captcha part. As far as phpbb3 I am not all that fond of version3. Plus the fact that it is harder to mod and has no real templates that I like.
  17. I just put a site up that I have had a domain name for 3 years for. I am running Phpbb the newest version of version2 And I get nothing but the good old vi@gr@ and I AM A SPAMMER sign ups with links. Thank god i do have it set so i have to approve all new sign ups. Plus I have and add on to trace there sign up IP so i can ban it. But how do these people find these sites so quick???? And is there any other way to stop this. I use a no follow robot file in all my folders. I don't want my forum on any search list. Any ideas anyone?????
  18. Watch out TCH Pure Evil is upon you. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  19. JTD

    Forum Issue

    I am getting this error when clicking on the View New Posts link at the top. It does not matter if I click once twice or how many times I get the same error.
  20. I can help you with phpnuke. But please PM me.
  21. When I reinstalled XP on my laptop after putting vista on it to see if i liked vista. I had the same problem. Do you by chance have any of the driver install disks? That is what I had to do with mine. All the stuff showed but would not work with out the drivers.
  22. BUMP So please tell us if you where successful or not.
  23. If you are installing XP onto an old machine that had 98 on it i hope you have at least a 10 gig hard drive or bigger. My laptop has the bare bones programs installed. With a 40 gig hard drive and i am using just over 10 gig. If you do not have at least a 20 gig I would not bother with XP because you will not be able to install all the updates or service packs.
  24. I really do not have any advice to give as far as outlook goes. Personally I would use Mozilla Thunderbird myself. More secure and better features.
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