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    Phone Call

    Welcome Jayson. As i said on yahoo you will love it here. I know I do.
  2. Hmm ok I am getting more confused by the minute. Here is a screenshot of my ftp and the folders in it. Its points to the folder that I placed backup.php into. How would a do my cron with it like that. Also inside the user folder is another one called bin
  3. Can you give an example of Outside the public_html folder please. Or would this work?? As it is outside my public_html file?? >30 3 * * */user/bin/backup.php
  4. JTD

    Site Review

    This might help also. It is what I get when I submit your site to a meta tag analyzer. Also this doesnt help either. >Total links for www.bestchildrensbooks.org/ are 18 - Alexa traffic rank - Wayback machine go way back Total 18 Google. 0 Yahoo. 4 AllTheWeb. 4 AltaVista. 4 MSNHotBot. 6 Inktomi. 0
  5. Well it would take. 177.77 cups of Brewed Coffee, you'd be pushing up daisies
  6. 1. http://www.phantom309drivers.org 2. The name of my site is Phantom309Drivers 3. Site Discription. Your Information Center and Portal to the Trucking Industry 4. My site is a personal site. 5. The link back to totalchoice is at the bottom of the page.
  7. Ok I am running the above script with the changes needed. IE username password ftp information and such. This is how I have my cron setup. >30 3 * * */public_html/local/backup.php And this is what I had in my email today. Does anyone have any idea what i did wrong.
  8. My post is nothing but spam Spam I am. Oh wait what was the subject.
  9. Welcome. Don't feel bad I made the same mistake when I was joining up also.
  10. JTD

    Tch Family Only

    Thank you. I will do that.
  11. Hi I am trying to access this forum. I have used my cpanel and my forum password. And neither will work. Why is this???
  12. Have you looked into this Daily Counter 1.1 Then there is a tutorial here Daily Counter 1.1 modifications for including it into html pages
  13. Yes I am now. I did drive OTR But now Iam driving a quad axle dump.
  14. Ok well I took the plunge. I am now a member of total choice.
  15. Well you have today to convince me. the reason i say today is my package is soon to expire at my current host. Here are my questions. BTW anyone can answer these. #1 Has this place ever been hacked. IE the forums or members websites? I have a reason for this question My current host seems to get hacked more than its fair share. #2 Downtime How much is there or has been? I tend to find my sites down atleast once or twice a week. #3 Tech Support. Do they know there stuff? Some of the techs are not the brightest bulbs in the package at my current host. #4. I currently have recent backups of all my files and mysql. Would it be easier to have you upload these or do it myself?? All in all just please tell me about yourselves.
  16. I got my info right here in the forums. But I dont know if i want to use your services or not. If i cant even link to my personal website in my signature. Seems a bit childish to me. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=4038
  17. Hello all. I have a friend who hosts here and recommended you to me. My only concern is the size of some of your plans. Not the bandwidth but the file space. Below is what I have now. I am interested in your silver plan but. The disk space alotment worries me. Now your deluxe plan would probably work. But it is far less than what I have now for the same price. Is there anyway that maybe that silver plan could get bumped to say 600 mb of disk space and that would seal the deal for me.
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