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  1. Speaking of. Anyone want a gmail invite. I have a few hundred of them.
  2. JTD

    Seo Tools

    I found another great site with some SEO tools that you can code right into your website. Below is the link. SEO WEB TOOLS
  3. And A very good one at that. I know it has saved my bacon when I have been googling for information.
  4. Actually it really isn't anything you install per say. It is just as it says. A site adviser. Here are some shots of what it says about the TCH Forums.
  5. If I am not mistaken didn't AOL buy out Earthlink??? If they did that is probably the reason for all this. Everyone knows how AOL is about blocking stuff. You cannot even send email from a gmail account to earthlink or AOL now days. Me personally I wouldn't use either service if it was the last on earth. It might be a wise Idea to put a disclaimer on your site telling people who use earthlink or aol to get another email from someplace else if they want to receive email from you.
  6. Playing around with a free watermarking program I just downloaded. Here is an example. The watermark is circled in red. and here is the link to the software. uMarkLite Or in this photo I used an image tag I made with xara3D
  7. Maybe watermarking them. That does not prevent stealing. But you will have proof that the image is yours if you see it on the web.
  8. JTD

    Button Maker

    Here is a great link for a very nice free button and menu maker. ButtonGenerator
  9. Ok someone had ALOT of time on there hands to do that.
  10. JTD

    3d Logic Cube

    Stuck on level 6 Iam sorry but I see no way to connect that.
  11. JTD

    Kudos To Tch

    Welcome to the forums. And I hate to sound like an idiot! But what is all this dugg and slashdot and reddit stuff anyhow?????
  12. This is almost as bad as waiting for christmas morning.
  13. Well they are still there. Ps did you ya'll know that the upload feature here is not working???
  14. I run a phpnuke site. Which is heavely modified. And it uses nukes version of phpbb. I invite anyone to try and hack me. They will be in for a very unpleasant surprise. This link below is just a sample of what happens. Plus you automatically get blocked. And reported to whatever ISP host you use. Now the link below will not cause harm. But it will create so many popups. Plus it disables the crtl-alt-delete trick so you cannot shut down. The only way to turn off your pc is to unplug it. The point is nothing is unhackable even smf and Ipb. But with the right modifications you can bite the hacker back. Plus the fact that I use atleast 128 bit incrypted passwords for all my stuff. www.phantom309drivers.org/nuke/abuse/abuse.html
  15. Good luck Jayson. And stay warm up there in the frozen North.
  16. I would stay away from phpnuke 8. It is very buggy and has a lot of security flaws. I use phpnuke but it is a highly modded version of 7.6.
  17. Just be careful useing the ones in fantastico. With the exception of 3 of them. All the versions in there are outdated. If you want a good cms pm me and I will give you a link.
  18. Well I went ahead and upgraded. All in all not to bad. I only lost 3 things. Which I can live without. Rankquest seo, Pluck News reader and Colorful Tabs. FF 2.0 does have a lot of new options though. All in all I give it a
  19. I would really hate to lose all my present goodies I have with firefox now. By upgrading.
  20. That is why I like having phpbb intrigated into nuke along with nuke sentinal. If bots or any type of script try things like that. They get instantly banned. And added to a database list.
  21. Statcounter is good. It only has one flaw. Norton security suite thinks it is spyware. And will not let people into a site with it.
  22. I would consider IPB. But for a few things. 1 it will not integrate into phpnuke. 2 I hate paying that kind of money just for a forum board.
  23. I disagree with part of that. For example. FF loads for me 3 times as fast as IE 7 does.
  24. JTD

    Fat > Ntfs

    Have you tried going into safe mode and doing this???
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