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  1. If your Mozilla folder is located in your program folders then this will be the path to the bookmarks. Or at least it is in mine. C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\profile
  2. I can see both sites favicons with no problems myself. Using Firefox Pugtracks I can see In IE also But I cannot see the favicon for toptenlisted using IE. You might want to try putting the favicon code into your main page's code.
  3. Why would you even want to disable Image Verification. All you are doing by that is inviting spam attacks. And yes I would use Lazarus over Advanced Guestbook. Much more secure. And has alot more options.
  4. Ok I cannot find anything on this new look or whatever it is. But when did the cpanel change??? Picture below.
  5. Not pop ups Bruce. It is asking for an active x control. Quicktime to be exact. And you may not see it if you already have that active x on your pc when using IE. BTW no right click is about useless now days. Disable java and right click away. But your site asking for the active x is no big deal. It just means someone does not have that particular application the correct permissions on there pc.
  6. Just tried your site using IE. You have some type of media on your site??? It is asking me for a quicktime active x. Yep found it. It is this swf file causing your problems. http://www.lambertusa.com/HTMLobj-1700/ann...ngprobanner.swf
  7. You answered your own question with your question. a FLASH object on the home page That is why they are getting the active x popup. Flash requires an up to date active x and if someone does not have that it will ask. Or you maybe running an outdated version of flash yourself on the site. Or some other type of outdated content. Maybe an outdated win media code??? Also a link to your site would have helped.
  8. Well I went and saw the new Die Hard movie. Very very few kids if any. And Bruce kicked some major arse. In my opinion this has got to be the best out of the 4 die hard movies. None stop action from the beginning to the end. :thumbup1: :thumbup1:
  9. You might want to try the coppermine site itself. http://coppermine-gallery.net/forum/
  10. Are you looking for a CMS or are you looking for a simple HTML editor?? If you are looking for a html editor try this one. It is what I use.--> http://www.htmlvalidator.com/lite/
  11. What someone like you carb. I think I will wait also. Do you know just how many little screaming rugrats will show up to watch this movie!
  12. Neener Neener. It is playing here where I live.
  13. Thanks Thomas it works good. And yes carb it is canned. I am just using it as my personal gallery site now.
  14. Name of my site is www.phantom309drivers.org description Darrel's House Of Dogs personal website Backlink is at the bottom of the page.
  15. Also I would stay away from phpnuke 7.9 8.0 or any other version besides patched 7.6 If you ever do put them online on a regular server. They are highly hackable. 7.6 patched from the site i got mine at is very secure. PM me for the site to get 7.6 from. As they do not like me posting the link since the site also is a host.
  16. JTD


    Actually that is a full version disk. But there is a bright side to this story. I also have a xp pro disk. So I put all my boot options on disable. And put in the xp pro disk. Lo and behold it actually started to reformat my hard drive. Then for some strange reason the xp pro disk asked for my xp home disk. Anyhow the up side is I now have xp back on my laptop. I do not know how but it is there. Now the fun of doing all those updates and reinstalling software. PS. Does anyone want a copy of Vista Home Premium????
  17. JTD


    Ok this is what I have for boot options in my bios. CD/DVD-0, Disabled,IDE-0, And that is all. O have 3 boot options and all of them are set on CD/DVD-0 The only one I have not tried is disabled. Here we go. Loading files ---------- Starting Windows------ And nothing This is what the screen says word for word. Better yet here is a shot of the screen. I can hit enter as it says to my little hearts content and nothing happens.
  18. JTD


    Yep that is what I am saying. I have my bios set to boot from the disk drive and it will not boot to the xp disk or the xp pro disk. And as far as a duel boot on my laptop it is only a 40gig hard drive. And vista has taken up a very large amount of that. So that is out of the question. Besides that vista WILL NOT let me format or do anything with the existing hard drive. I have tried it in regular mode safe mode every kind of mode it has no go.
  19. JTD


    Update on the above post. Well vista home premium is ok. It just takes some getting used to. But I still prefer XP. Now if anyone knows how to get XP back onto a machine that has vista please let me know. Vista will not let you reformat the hard drive. Nor have I been able to just reinstall my copy of XP which is a full version disk btw. I cannot even install my copy of XP pro. So far i see two choices, #1 find myself a rather large magnet we all know what that does to a hard drive. Or take it to a computer shop and let them do it. <-- I am to cheap for this choice. So if anyone knows something I do not please post it here or pm me.
  20. Same results for me. Works fine with FireFox. Does not work at all With Internet Exploder.
  21. I guess this is why my email id's have now disappeared. From horde.
  22. 1. Professional Trucker 2. The name of your site. Professional Trucker 3. Give a brief description of your site. Drivers helping drivers. 4. Indicate whether the site is. non profit 5. Back link added
  23. I have a new site up please add me. http://www.proftrucker.com
  24. Just a tad off subject here,but not really. You say this is caused by leapftp? I use leapftp myself and if configured correctly it has no problems. Maybe you got a bad download of it or something else. But i doubt leap is the issue.
  25. JTD


    Well I just had to bite the big one and install my free upgrade of vista home premium on my laptop. Which isn't even an hp. Since the copy of xp that was on it got corrupted somehow. So far so good no faster or slower than before. I did lose all my personal stuff though. But I had lost it anyhow since xp was corrupted. May I also ad this is an old laptop. 1.5 gig and only 512 of ram. But i ma still not going to upgrade my hp desktop to vista. This was a last ditch effort to get my laptop working.
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