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  1. I know how to use the IP Manager to block an IP address or range of addresses. The problem I've been confronted with recently is when either a person or a script (?) is used to sign up to our Web Page, and the IP address is 'masked'. I assume this is what is happening as the relevant section of the PHP Nuke file, nuke_users shows a '0' rather than the normal series of numbers for the IP address. This invariably happens when the the Discussion Forum is used to post links to various other sites, mostly someone selling rubbish, religion, et cetera. Am I making the correct assumption here, i
  2. What I'm attempting to do is install Coppermine (v1.4.18) into Raven Nuke (v.2.20) as in integrated component / module. What I've completed to date is read through and followed the TCH Web Hosting Help Site Page on Coppermine up to Step 3, to where I've created a folder "gallery" nested within the public_html folder. Where I'm having difficulty now is that the Coppermine Docs AND the TCH Help Site manual do not indicate if this is for a Stand Alone Coppermine, which I am assuming it is.? I presently have Coppermine running smoothly on another site at TCH which is using PHP-Nuke 7.8. I n
  3. I would appreciate it if someone could help me in understanding one specific feature of this item in cPanel. I note the Left side of the page shows an assortment of items beginning with Navigation, through CMS, et cetera. The upgrade box shows in my case that on the site I have using PHP Nuke, I have 7.8 and that 7.9 is available for upgrading. I purchased it some time ago but not sure the modifications I've made to several modules wouldn't make the who site go BURP in 7.9. The Left side of Fantastico does NOT show PHP NUKE nor Raven Nuke ( which I am using for another site). Does TCH
  4. Thank you kindly to each of you who offered assistance. One of the chaps at the RavenNuke forum spotted 'the obvious' which I had missed in the config.php file. It was somewhat akin to those magazine pictures where you were asked to find the x number of faces in the picture. Never very good at that and in this case I missed the obvious. Albeit, made the correction and within a few minutes I had complete the installation. Now will try and modify to see my needs. BUT... I will look at Nuke Evolution in more detail. Finally, it's great to know there are folks out there happy to assist, kin
  5. Yes I did add them to the db, i.e., the original user and pswd plus the attempt at the 'work-around' on the rnv220 msg. I might add here that there is one other piece of info that might assist someone in breaking this impasse I face and that is the error I now get on adding the "..did you remember to run the INSTALLATION/installSQL.php," is a 'Page Not Found 404 ". My Error log notes there is no such file, "[sun Mar 9 15:21:08 2008] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/*******/public_html/INSTALLATION/installSQL.php." It would seem I cannot create the database because pe
  6. I recently opened another web space on TCH and am presently attempting to install RavenNuke v.2.20.0, but it appears I have not been able to get much beyond reading the Docs, and a few other first steps. I've created a database, user and pswd and granted full access to same. I also changed the config.php file to reflect the info from the database. As an aside I note the config.php file in my unzipped version of RavenNuke_v2.20.0 shows e.g., SQL Database Hostname and NOT SQL "localhost"; So here I'm not sure if the quotes, etc are really necessary or ??? On completion of the u/l to my Ser
  7. Finally ran out of areas to look, so having made the effort perhaps someone can assit me here via this forum. I note via cPanel that the latest version of PHP-Nuke is 7.9, and we are using 7.8. I assume that using Fantastico this upgrade would be carried out somewhat akin to when I upgrade to the latest System Version on my personal computer, i.e., it's 'done for me' in as much as I need only d/l the upgrade and 2xclick -- I do not need to have any techie knowledge. "Installation complete, Restart required!" Cpanel gives me the precautionary note that; "Click on Upgrade only if - no files,
  8. Thank you kindly for your assistance. I did d/l Xampp and installed it without any problems.It took me awhile to locate the Control Panel and test it out. I also followed through the various step oulined below the Test and Read Me. While in Terminal I entered various commans, e.g., ... ./Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/mampp security..... I changed pswds, etc but when I did the <http:localhost> to bring up the page on XAMPP for Mac OS X -> Status kept showing me that MySQL database as being <Deactivated>. I tinkered about with this but was NOT able to sort this out and I'm no
  9. In an attempt to understand what for some would be basic / elementary 'stuff', I'm wanting to use my Mac (Intel Core Duo Proc.] to act as a Server for my hands on experience. The foundation of these Mac's is bases on Darwin, Unix and Apache. I would like to take advantage of this by installing MySQL, and PHP Nuke 7.9/8.0 in order that I get a first hand look at what happens when I perform a certain task, e.g., upgrade from PHP Nuke 7.8 to 7.9. This would be applicable to our Club's Web Site hosted at TCH. I'm reasonably familiar with using FTP, and have been doing some basic Admin work wi
  10. Hi Andy, Thank you for your reply. I note while using FTP that the Backup I did earlier this AM has been saved at the rdir level of our Club's files. I assume this to be the Server you note above and accordingly will now place the ticket. Best regards. George.
  11. The Situation: Our web site has a number of its modules missing (reason unknown) resulting in part in the inability of members to sign into site. Using cPanel and Backups option I have completed a - Full Backup...aka Generate/Download a Full Backup - of the site as of today 11.18.2006. The previous Backup and the one I wish to use via Restore option is in tar.gz compressed mode dated , backup-8.16.2006.... The Question: Using cPanel Backup as my route to Restoration, which do I select on the Backups 'page'; <Restore a Home Directory Backup...Choose file Option> OR <Resto
  12. Thank you Bruce. Now why couldn't I think of that approach, especially so when I had see the Karakas name before, re PHPnuke - How to. The links are quite helpful.
  13. I'm going to remember your userid for future reference. You obviously have PHPNuke archiceture / structure totally incorporated into your 'database' -- wish I could say the same! The solution was just as you suggested! I must have changed the permission on the Your Account, to be visible ONLY to Registered Users, thinking that they would still be able to login at the Front Page, which of course was NOT possible. However, when I loggged in to admin.php, then clicked Your Account & did a login, as a Regular User it was OK. That made me think the problem was at the Front Page, but I wa
  14. Bruce you need to help me here. If the only ban I have is on IPs beginning with 85. ( somewhere in Turkey, Ankara I think), how would that affect someone in a downtown office with an IP that definately does NOT begin with 85.? I checked the Raw Access Log as part of my attempt to discover what the problem was with this happening, and no 85.xx.x.xxx...... ! I believe my comment about the change in the login block from the slightly changed 6.5 upgraded to 7.8 and NOW today the Standard Login block minus ANY Security number block, has something to do with this. Why would it work yesterday
  15. I will send that to you via PM. Until a couple of weeks ago we were using PHPNuke 6.5 which was ug'ed to 7.8. Having tinkered around with the problem I now have, I believe it has to do with the Login Module (script) at the front/homepage. For your information, following the installation of 7.8, I now had the original( 25 modules +1 new that being IP BAN) in the admin.php page, plus below it there were an additional Admin. Modules section, 13 of which only News and User were new additions. The remaining 11 were repeats, BUT a number of the 'older' modules were now only partially opera
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