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  1. I have about 650 left so if anyone wants one please contact me as well.
  2. Welcome to the forums... We are glad to have you.
  3. abutaleb... You will be really happy here. This is the third time I have signed up in the past four years.
  4. Thanks for sharing Thomas....
  5. j2k4b

    Blogging Software

    I use Wordpress. A very easy setup and ease of use.
  6. Welcome to the forums Greg!
  7. Welcome Muhammad! Glad to have ya!
  8. Welcome Ryan!!! Glad to have ya!
  9. I learned something today... Thanks David!
  10. In this case I change the path in Php-Nuke and just download all the folders and upload to your /public_html/ directory. Or you can use the move feature in your FTP client.
  11. 123.456.*.* Should take care of the problem.
  12. Last summer when I went on vaction I was with out mine for over a week. It drove me insane. LoL
  13. Is it any better then the older versions?
  14. Welcome to the forums s010...
  15. Thanks for all the help guys. I believe I will stick with the counter on my TCH Account.
  16. You must have used the Firefox update when you downloaded it. I always uninstall and reinstall. That usually takes the bugs out. Hope that helps.
  17. I am looking for a FREE hit stat counter to put on my website. The ones that I have tried like sitemeter, goodcounter, etc have timed out or so slow they don't work. I need your help to find a new counter. Thanks!
  18. Welcome to the forums... Glad to have ya!
  19. I use WordPress but never used the Link Relationship feature either.
  20. Welcome to the forums... Glad to have ya!
  21. I use Godaddy for my email. But TCH mail is the best if config'ed right. The reason I have Godaddy mail is because of my business. I closed my business and I now use it for personal mail since I paid two years on it. I could recommend using Fusemail.com it's good.
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