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  1. Just a very quick note to thank all of the team at TCH for their ongoing help and support. In the last week they've dealt with a billing issue (my fault) and a security issue (a hackers fault) speedily and effectively as always. Would never even consider another hosting company. Ali.
  2. There are a few osC modules that will do what you want. Two I'd suggest are ... http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...tiple+flat+rate (if you want it a set of flat rates as in your example) or http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...iple+table+rate (if you want to vary the amount based on weight) Hope that helps Ali
  3. Don't often have time to post on the forums unfortunately, but this is one occasion where I feel I really must do. I'm not going to go into detail as to what's been happening with the 130 or so sites that we host with TCH, so to cut a long story short, the last week has been a stressful, hectic time that actually threatened the future of our business. None of this was the fault of TCH, yet everyone I've spoken to (Jesse, Kate & Carl) have been more eager to help sort out OUR mess. Upshot of it all is that Jesse is in the process of sorting everything out for us and everything i
  4. It also depends on what tye/size of files you are trying to upload. Most of my work involves uploading hundreds or even thousands of tiny files (1kb, 3kb) which often seems to confuse things. Nothing wrong with TCH or my ISP, it's just the way it is when trying to carry out such intensive uploads. Best solution that I've found, and that might work for you, is to put all the files you are trying to upload into a zip file. Upload that zip and then use the File Manager in cPanel to extract the zip on the server. I find this to be much more reliable and way, way quicker. Ali.
  5. It's loading as quickly as I'd expect for a site with that many images for me here in Spain Ali.
  6. Not checked any of them out Jim, but you'll find a few at http://www.hotscripts.com/search/15767789.html Ali.
  7. I installed Vista more or less as soon as it was released, but only managed about a week before rolling back to XP. Not so much because of Vista (which has many great features which I love), but because of incompatibilities with third party software (Dreamweaver being a good example which crashed randomly). Decided to leave it a while and give developers a chance to catch up (although Vista betas were available, many developers didn't want to spend time working on Vista compatible software until they were sure what the final Vista was going to consist of). Thought it was time to try ag
  8. Yes please Bill! Sent you a PM Cheers, Ali.
  9. Doh! I knew there was a reason why I should make time in the day to visit the family Forums more often
  10. It can pay for several months hosting at TCH, but not even cover 1 months hosting with some other hosts. Although $35 is a lot more than $4 or whatever, it's still a fairly small amount for the one2one time of a skilled IT professional. Surely you don't expect your mechanic to service your car for free this year because you already paid him to do it last year? Just my two cents worth Ali.
  11. Veering slightly off topic, but if you find you want to look up IP addresses on a regular basis (which I think most website owners do) you can download Sam Spade for Windows. http://www.samspade.org/ssw/ It's free, and is a great way of quickly looking up IPs without using the website version that Madmanmcp recommended. It can also be used for traceroutes etc too. Ali
  12. I spend a lot of time answering emails from clients on this very subject. There's so much information about SEO online that it's easy for someone who spends just a couple of hours surfing to think that they've got a good grasp of how search engines work. The problem is that the majority of the information and tools (such as spider simulators) are hopelessly out of date. For anyone still wondering why metatags are suddenly no longer relied upon .... Search engine spiders are constantly evolving - they are much more sophisticated than the ones a few years ago. It used to be that the
  13. 9.15am, Southern Spain, working outside on my laptop .... perfect Should hit around 85ºF this afternoon. Ali
  14. Hi Sandra, I work every day with osCommerce and I'm sure you'll love it once you get your head around it all. Rob is right - it's not worth paying someone just to install the standard store for you - much better that you accept Robs kind offer of talking you through the set up. The more you understand about how it all works, the easier it will be for you to add extra modules and customize the look of the store. In answer to one of your other questions ... Harald Ponce De Leon is the person who leads the team that develop osCommerce. His name appears on in the store (along wit
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