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  1. I have a subdomain on my author website marolidesignservices.monicaburns.com Because I am beginning to develop a larger client base, I'd like to separate the two so I bought the marolidesignservices.com domain name Since the website is already set up, can I simply us the Redirect box in the subdomain section of CPanel to list the new domain name, while keeping it as a subdomain on my server? Thanks in Advance! Monica
  2. While this is an old topic, I am facing a similar issue (if not the same). I have a WordPress site at monicaburns.com. I've opened up a side business (Maroli Designs) for other authors that I'd like to distance from my author side of the house. I'd like to use a subdomain to accomplish that. I had a subdomain 10 years ago on my host server, but my memory is faulty on the entire issue.So here are my questions. I know I can create a subdomain that is named differently. In this case, marolidesigns.monicaburns.com. Can I install WordPress with a different theme on the Maroli subdomain without causing conflicts with my main site, which is also WordPress. I can't afford to mess with my current site. If I can install a second instance of WordPress without any conflicts with my main site, what root directory do I use when I create the subdomain. Is there a help file that will walk me through the process of creating a new subdomain and then installing WordPress and a new theme solely for the Maroli site without any conflicts? I did a search of the forum, but keep getting flood control messages when I'm trying to search. I'm pretty sure I don't have to acquire a domain name for marolidesigns.monicaburns.com (I want to be transparent that I'm also an author when they visit the subdomain), but could someone confirm that or direct me to info that would verify/explain that topic. Finally, does Softaculous do the complete WordPress install for me? I know how to import WordPress themes and other backend stuff, but I've not done an actual WordPress install. If Softaculous doesn't do it for me, is there a help file somewhere that will guide me through the install process on my subdomain, or do I need to have an expert do the install. Thanks for your help. Monica
  3. I'm trying to give permissions to my Bulletin Board support people for an update. I've disabled HotLink for their access and I've given them access under the Password Protect Directories to the root Is the Password Protect Directory the same thing as granting HTC access? Thanks, Kathi
  4. The "lovely" people at Comcast changed the outgoing port on my comcast account from 25 to 587. As a result, I can't send out emails from my TCH website account. I've tried to change the TCH email account setting in Outlook from 25 to 587 but it doesn't work on either setting. While I use Comcast for Inet, if I'm sending out an email via my TCH account, shouldn't it still work on the 25 port? It's really frustrating for me not to be able to use my TCH web account I have set up in Outlook. Suggestions??
  5. THANKS!! As always you guys are a huge help to novices Hugs, Monica
  6. Within the last couple of weeks, I've been getting rejects every time I try to send email from Outlook under my monicaburns.com account. I've checked my setting in Outlook, they're exactly what they should be. I've gone into Webmail to see if there have been any changes. I did notice that it looks like my website moved from an old server as I have a contact form set up on my website and the email extension on the server sent email is different than it used to be. I don't get into the forums often so I might have easily missed an update warning and what to do to fix things. Here's an example of the email error I'm getting. Suggestions? thanks! monica
  7. Thank you, THANK YOU!! The site's back up now! I tried to review the ticket via the link you so kindly provided, but it wouldn't take my key...and I'm guessing the key is the ticket number. Is this correct? You're the best Bruce, you always know how to make my day better with your wonderful assistance. {{{{{Bruce}}}}}} Monica
  8. Should add that 1st ticket number is PWH-78576 2nd ticket submitted is GNT-21791
  9. I submitted a ticket last night that my website was down because I'd installed SMF in the root directory and apparently the software messed with my htaccess file. I've deleted a whole slew of htaccess files, and the last one I'm afraid to delete because I'm not sure what will happen. The first ticket didn't show up when I went to the ticket status. So I thought maybe I didn't submit. I then submitted another ticket, it's not showing up either. I went into cpanel to redirect, but the redirect didn't work either. SMF used monicaburns.com for my bulleting board and it made monicaburns.com/index.htm as my website. That's going to totally screw people up if they type in just the domain. I've got a book hitting the shelves in a few days with a contest running ads everywhere and to say I'm in a panic without folks being able to get to my website is an understatement. Can someone please give me some suggestions that will restore my site? I was all set up with IPB and apparently that's been discountinued as a feature and was replaced with SMF. Monica
  10. I bought a 3rd party software to create a subscriber list of folks who WANT to receive notices from me. I noted the ZERO SPAM tolerance policy, but I'm not spamming people if they subscribe. In trying to understand why my software wasn't working properly, I noticed the following line item in my logs. 220-We do not authorize the use of this system to transport unsolicited, <EOL>220 and/or bulk e-mail. I'm not trying to send unsolicited or bulk e-mail except to people who've subscribed to my list. I also bought this 3rd party software subscription manager for two reasons. One the subscription manager that is offered by TCH was to technically difficult for me to understand. Two, this 3rd party software integrates with my email sender software that produces a beautiful HTML newsletter. Can anyone give me an understanding of why the system might be blocking my software sending an email to the subscribers ensuring that they actually subscribed to my list. I've also tried a work around that accesses a file via FTP, but it's not pulling the addresses into the software. I'm dealing with the vendor on that issue. Thanks! Monica
  11. Hi Jimuni, I'm not sure what you're asking. Are you asking what email the web form is sending the subscriber's info too? I took a look and the subscriber's info isn't going to an email. It's going to a text file on my webserver. Originally I had it set up so that the subscriber's info went to list @ monicaburns.com, but when I couldn't get the list serve to function properly, I removed the email and set up a text file that I could get the software to access through an FTP. I got the software to go in and access the file and it supposedly has retrieved the email info, but it's not storing them. So it's now an issue with the 3rd party software. Thanks so much for trying. Kathi
  12. I've not found anything of use on their website about this issue. I was thinking this was the problem, and I've been researching from the opposite end thinking FP might have some issues, but I don't think so. I'm going to try and setup a database to store the emails in and then have the 3rd party program try and extract them from there, but that's gonna be a pain down the road. *sigh* Thanks for the suggestion. Kathi
  13. I bought this great email newsletter sender software that lets me do GREAT graphical newsletters. Afterwards, I discovered the software had complements to it -- an email verifier software and an email list subscription manager. All three integrate with each other. So I bought and installed, I'm trying to reach the company for support, but either they're not answering or my SPAM software on my comcast ISP is sending them into oblivion. (I've resubmitted my help request to come to my TCH site since I've rules there). After that LONG explanation, here's my question that maybe someone here could offer suggestions on. I use FrontPage and I've created a form that sends the email subscription to list@monicaburns.com That works fine. When I run the Atomic Subscription Manager, it picks up that an email was sent to list@monicaburns.com. So far so good, then the software automatically asks the sender to confirm they've subscribed to the email list. Here's where the problem arises. The subscription manager sends it back to my web domain for verification instead of the individual who submitted the email for subscription. Even if I try to verify the email addy from my email address it gets rejected because it's not from the original email subscriber. I'm trying to figure out if I've got this darn thing set up wrong or what. How does the list manager software that comes with TCH integrate with Front Page? Is there anything that one needs to do special there to get the list manager to pick up the addy? I know that TCH can't support 3rd party software, but I thought maybe the expertise here might have some suggestions for me to try. Especially since I can't seem to get the company to respond to me. Thanks, Kathi
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