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  1. i don't know, i've only tried to one site.
  2. yes, i've tried other FTP clients but they have the same problem. we have norton antivirus, and a firewall and all that...
  3. Yup, it's on passive mode, but it still won't upload and when I turn off the passive mode thing, it still won't upload.
  4. thanks everyone! so yeah, how do you set it to passive mode? and what exactly is that? (don't i feel smart! )
  5. Hey ya'll. I've been using Core FTP Lite for a while, but recently, when I try to upload certain files, the rate number goes down until it dissapears and the status is 00:00:00. It's like that for a while then it times out. However, I can just reconnect and it starts working fine again (until I try to upload one of the files it doesn't like, ) this only happens with certain files, though. Can anyone help?
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