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  1. hi ... i have a account here with tch. my domain in avpsea.com. For some time i have been having problem with my email. One of my email account .. my boss's email .. being full of spam. I have email tch support to fix this problem .. but still my boss said .. customer is calling him and telling that their email is rejected when sent to my boss. Maybe its because of too much spam comming to his email per day. Now im thinking of changing email hosting. Dont get me wrong ... tch is the best hosting company.But my boss is nagging me .. coz the customer is complain they cant send him email. Can i keep my webhosting wth tch and change my email hosting?? can this be done?? i found a email hosting company called publish247 .. they have a superb email protection. Can you guys recomend me any other email hosting that support good spam protection if the email is recieving alot of spam perday.
  2. hi i have a account with tch. my domain is avpsea.com ... im configuring my antivirus to send notification. the antivirus is asking for my SMTP server address. what is my SMTP server address?
  3. hi guys , just want to ask.... i have hosting plan here with tch , i have my email comming from tch. im wondering if i could setup a linux mail server lets say qmail or postfix .. can i download all my emails from tch server and distribute among my coworkers rather than they get strait from tch using internet. can this be done. i hear that normally .. if you want a mail server , you have to use fixed ip and you must point your domain to your fix ip then only u can get the mail server up and running. so can i download all my coworkers emails from tch and distribute to them? also pls explain more about mail server. im thinking about setting up linux mail server or ms exchange. thankyou
  4. guys , i have a silverplan here with TCH. My boss is getting 5 spams per minuite now.How do i block this emails?? anything tch can do? i have enable the spam assasin now he's getting hundreds of email from tch. Spam detection software, running on the system "server75.totalchoicehosting.com", has identified this incoming email as possible spam. The original message has been attached to this so you can view it (if it isn't spam) or label similar future email. If you have any questions, see the administrator of that system for details. anyway for tch detect it as spam and dont even send them to my boss and tell tch detected the email as spam? what can i do??
  5. hi i have an account here with tch, the domain is avpsea.com ... would like to purchase the disk space for 200mb. how to do so?? I have a starter plan Disk space 450mb , or maybe i can just change to silver plan the disk space is 850mb. its just extra $10. can my account automatically change to silver plan??
  6. thanks Bruce , anyway where can i find log information on the ftp stats?
  7. hi , i have a hosting acc with TCH. I have created a ftp login for my partner to access the folder partner in my public_html. my question is will my partners have access to the folder public_html where all my html site files located or they will just have the access to the folder partner. another thing is , is there any security that i can set for my partner ftp ... maybe like just allow a certain IP to log in the partner ftp. and also is there any log details on that partner ftp ... which has the log of which ip logged in , how long were the user logged in , ... and stuff like that.
  8. hi , i've finish designing my webpage in dreamweaver .. rite now my question is how do i make my dreamweaver to intergrate with tch server? rite now im using this settings for my connections file. <?php # FileName="Connection_php_mysql.htm" # Type="MYSQL" # HTTP="true" $hostname_avpsea_conn = "localhost"; $database_avpsea_conn = "mydatabase"; $username_avpsea_conn = "myusername"; $password_avpsea_conn = "mypassword"; $avpsea_conn = mysql_pconnect($hostname_avpsea_conn, $username_avpsea_conn, $password_avpsea_conn) or trigger_error(mysql_error(),E_USER_ERROR); ?> how do i make a new site with server connection with tch??
  9. hi , im trying to do a form mail. i've downloaded the UltimateFormMail_v_2_5_1., but i cant understand what im suppose to do.. there is so many files. I need help on how to upload the files and make it running , i have downloaded cuteftp and Filezilla. i have an account here with TCH. shall i make a folder in my ftp called formmail and dump all the files of ultimate form mail in it?after that what must i do?please help me as i am new to this uploading php script, and i only have experience on php with localhost in my computer.
  10. hi friends, i would like to make a form mail , where users enters information on a form and when they click submit the information goes into my email. I want to do the form mail with PHP. Any of you guys help me with this. Is there any tutorials or guidelines i can follow to make this form mail. I need your advice. sorry if im in the wrong section of the forum.
  11. hi , i've just ordered TCH starter plan and the domain , rite now i have the existing web and the domain running in my local hosting service in my country .. i was to told to contact my registrar and update my DNS pointer to the dns given my TCH. before i update the dns .. how long will it take for me to access my control panel? will i still be able to receive email from my customer now that i chose TCH as my host and not my existing local hosting service from my country?
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