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  1. Can you upload this download to the new server. I used IMAP services on Horde?
  2. I have Frontpage but I use an outside FTP program. FireFTP and or web-based Net2FTP work great. Ohh I would ditch Frontpage and download OpenOffice.
  3. No problems with my mail here.... Check with your ISP. Some domains really have problems letting mail through. I recommend submiting a support ticket if you need TCH Support to check it out.
  4. Well in that case... Let him mess it up... LoL
  5. I hope you trust this person. You can lose everything. I went though this problem once before. Becareful. A backup or two wouldn't hurt.
  6. People really do use Neomail? Wow
  7. I used Netscape once.... one time. LoL
  8. j2k4b


    I had Tweak UI forever... Why didn't I think about that! Thanks guys. My TCH Family rules.
  9. j2k4b


    I was wondering how to disable tooltips on Windows XP. It is very annoying. I get them on my taskbar near the clock. Please help?
  10. Congrats BillH. I have one baby. I couldn't imagine having seven.
  11. TCH is awesome. I recommend them to everyone. Support RULES!
  12. My desktop was set on locked. It works now. Thanks guys for all your help.
  13. For some reason this don't work for me.
  14. I have Windows XP Pro and I have a desktop question. You know the icons on your computer. There is a way to take the background color out of the text. I don't remember how and it's driving me crazy. Please help!
  15. j2k4b

    Disk Space?

    AND the downtime on these companies are outragous.
  16. I use a kewl site for this. It is called Net2FTP. You don't have to change the permissions, just edit what you want.
  17. Welcome to the forums...
  18. CHMOD 777 all the files in that theme you are using. Make sure you change them back to 644 when you finish. >/public_html/wp-content/themes/
  19. I didn't know that... See you can always learn something here at TCH! Thanks!
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