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  1. I am able to ftp file in binary using DOS now. But still need to know how to ftp file in binary using Cuteftp pro. Thanks
  2. Hi room, How can use cuteftp pro to ftp a file to client in binary? if posible, can you also show me ftp a file in banary using DOS command. Thanks ATY
  3. Serpentine, Yes i had tried the code below. This work only if you know the exactly file name R = MySite.RemoteExists( "/pub/user/file.txt") But in my case, I don't know the file name... Thank you all for quick response.
  4. Hi all, First of all, sorry for my crappy English, It's my second language. I am new to this forum and Cuteftp pro. Anyway, I tried to write a script to download files from a server to my local PC. Filename are variable. How could i verify if files are existing? Below is the codes. Thanks for your help. Set MySite = CreateObject("CuteFTPPro.TEConnection") MySite.Protocol = "FTP" MySite.Host = "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" MySite.Port = 21 MySite.Login = "test" MySite.Password = "test" MySite.Connect R=Mysite.localExists ("/test/from/*.txt") If ® Then 'msgbox "file exist" 'test if the file exists MySite.Download "/test/from/gcs*", "c:\data" Else '''Msgbox "File doesn't exist1 on client site" Set objEmail = CreateObject("CDO.Message") objEmail.From = "xxxx@hotmail.com" objEmail.To = "xxx.xxx@xxx.com" objEmail.Subject = "test" objEmail.Textbody = "test" objEmail.Send End if
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