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  1. is there any further word on this? I want to use stored procedures with my code. I have for a couple of years now...
  2. Or you can use FireFTP with Firefox to upload multiple files.
  3. Alrighty, will do. Thanks! I feel I can do more proper coding with those SPs, so this will be cool! Thanks!
  4. I am again attempting to work with stored procedures. I found some information that we need to have access to the 'proc' table http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/sto...privileges.html Is there any way we can open this ability on the site so I can begin writing some great code? I know I can make my application a bit better if I had access to this kind of thing. Thanks for responses!
  5. I found I had to do something like this: >ini_set('include_path', "/home/myname/php/". ini_get("include_path"));
  6. Excellent! I can't believe I missed that. Sometimes I stare at things too long and miss the big picture. Thanks a ton!
  7. Thanks! I have done a lot of work on my site.When I started, I made the site in loose OO style. I am currently working on making it closer to the real thing. Within this year, I want to redesign the site to be very close to perfectly OO. The biggest dread is making a class for a major piece on my website. But I know once I do that, I will be in great shape to make a few more sites.
  8. Just posting like a fiend tonight... I have an associative array called "Pictures" with columns named "URL", "Size", "Type". On my page, I have refences to this array in a FORM. When I hot this page for the first time with ERROR_ALL enabled, I always receive warnings about an unknown array index. How can I initialize the array so I no longer get this kind of warning? Again, thanks!
  9. So you are saying to create a FORM for each button visible? Hm. That will probably work! I keep thinking that there is only one form on a page allowe, but that is crazy talk. Thanks! I guess I have been spoiled in ASP. I could write this page in less than 2 minutes in ASP... But PHP is a little easier on the wallet. Thanks again!
  10. Greets! I am interested on how to pass a variable through a button click to a different page. I do not want to do this through the url as shown below >http://w.x.com/test.php?var=12 I figured I could set a session variable, but not sure how to set one based on the click of a button. The basic idea is I have a grid with (say 5) selections. Each row has a button (or something similar). Any button click goes to the same page (different than the page they are oin, but ending at the same page). And the resulting page will show information based on the button that was clicked. I probably overexplained for the majority of you, but I wanted to explain it well enough. Thanks!
  11. I am attempting to use DataGrids in php. I see the files in my php/Structures folder, and I can eventually get to the file by: >require ("/home/myname/php/Structures/DataGrid.php"); But then the DataGrid.php code throws an error becauser it can't open a necessary file from its position. I think this is due to the path settings. Can someone show me what I am doing wrong? I just think it is odd that the path doesn't work (or I am missing something). Also, I noticed that the items I installed did not show up in cPanel under "Installed PHP Extension(s) and Application(s)". Thanks for any help!
  12. Since we do not have access to PHP.INI, I used .htaccess. In my .htaccess, I have definitions: >[...] php_flag register_globals off php_flag display_errors on php_flag display_startup_errors on php_value error_reporting 2047 php_flag log_errors off It appears the file partially works: my register_globals are Off for the site as expected, but the error_reporting doesn't seem to work. I can run PHP code with a known error/warning but get no message. If I put 'error_reporting(E_ALL)' at the top of the actual PHP file, it reports the error/warning as I wanted. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? [EDIT] Very odd... I think there was something wrong with the formatting of the file. There were tabs hidden in the text (I only saw when I posted this message) and possibly some at the end of each line. I hate that the files are saved in one format (UNIX or Windows or ASCII) and when I edit them with my PHP editor, it causes extra blank lines because it attempts to translate into a different one. Sorry for the bother, but if you have suggestions on the file type issue, I would love to hear it.
  13. Avast is nice for home use as well.
  14. Someone at work had the same isue (though I don't know if it was also related to the updates), and they had to reinstall Outlook and all went well. Repair did not work on her machine either.
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