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  1. And for a completely different answer; I can see it too.
  2. In short, no. You can give them FTP access to specific areas if you want though.
  3. It is not like we can pick and choose. We get what we can get.
  4. Level 6 Score 17885
  5. *TCH-Rob has no time for online gaming.
  6. As pertaining to an image, look at the picture of the cat in Dons post above. See the domain name in the image? That is a watermark. Similar to what you see on money and checks and whatnot when you hold it to the light at an angle.
  7. Be prepaired, if the site begins to use excessive resources it may be pulled until the activity subsides. The bandwidth will be brutal as well.
  8. 72 now with a high that should get to 77. Low 80's tomorrow.
  9. Sheesh, sounds like my wife. I had to pre-order the business one just to make her happy and now I can't keep her off it.
  10. Maybe, but for that to happen you would need to take it up with the folks at cPanel. We have no control as to what they include or do not include.
  11. Open templates/your template/overall_header.tpl Find: - To change where the logo hyperlink goes, edit {U_INDEX}. Replace with http://www.yourtchsite.com. You may also wish to change the {L_INDEX} to reflect the new location. (ex. 'Portal', 'Home', etc.)
  12. Someday I will learn to read posts.
  13. And, there is Dons option as well
  14. Interesting, when I click on the Fantastico install in the window on the right is asks for the directory as well as the admin username and password at that time. If you did not see that then I would remove it and try again.
  15. Glad you found the root of the problem.
  16. Well, my htaccess is much smaller. I do not go into great detail because I do not have the problem with this issue. I only add when there is a problem and do not try the shotgun approach with mine. All I can say is add to yours what you wish.
  17. Ummm, those listings are in the site that you got it from and added it to your own htaccess. I am confused because your htaccess looks much like the one at aaronlogan.com.
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