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  1. I want to write and receive emails through my gmail account. In Gmail settings I entered: username: xxx@michelegrace.com password: One I set up in cpanel Used the mapping instructions for secure SSL/TLS Settings yet gmail returns the following error. Authentication failed. Please check your username/password. [server response: DNS Error: 22365944 DNS type 'aaaa' lookup of smtp.michelegrace.com responded with code NXDOMAIN 22365944 DNS type 'a' lookup of smtp.michelegrace.com responded with code NXDOMAIN code(0) ] Help please, what do I need to do.
  2. My site http://marketingforhealers.com is running very slow for the last week, and also gotten error messages "server not found". Do I send in a support ticket or can someone tell me if there is an issue. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the reply, here's my problem I have a Typepad blog. I have a website hosted here at TCH. I ran the TCH website as a stand-alone with a link to the Typepad blog (since 2005). I want to keep the website at TCH and set up subdirectories for other purposes. I want the www.website.com url to show up instead of the Typepad URL, so when people see the blog posts-the permalink url of that posts reads www.website.com/post.htm not www.typepad.com/post.htm Right now the url takes a person the the typepad blog and I lose the url. it goes from www.website.com>>www.website.typepad.com. I won't find the answers at Typepad on this one.
  4. My website is hosted here at TCH. To map a domain name to my typepad blog...instructions from typepad tells me to go in and change the DNS, but there is no DNS because the site is hosted is TCH. I set up a redirect, and that's working just fine. Now how do I get the www.sitename.com to come up, on redirect the blog address replaces the www.sitename.com. Sorry I may not be using the correct terminology but Do I create a mask? Thanks so much.
  5. Thanks, I thought about I-frames. I'll go check out Sam's page of instructions.
  6. I am using CSB.5 and created a CSB container page is http://marketingforhealers.com/test/ dropping in my blog page. The blog address is http://newmoonjournal.blogs.com/marketing/ way too long. I tried domain forwarding but that didn't work. I created a header and side bar with CSB. When I am ready to launch I'll delete the header in the blog design. When a blog post is archived it's given a unique address called a permalink. Now I see this permalink address is not seen in a CSB container page when a person clicks on the permalink button in the post. I want to insert a 'web gem' to pick up that permalink address. When others want to trackback in their blogs I need a way show this permalink address. Can I insert code to capture and show the permalink address? Or force the container page to open a new page when the permalink is clicked? Or maybe there is a better way. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated.
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