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  1. Can someone reccomend any good Affiliation programs that let you completely customize what businesses to work with? Can someone reccomend any website that might offer me a chance to host some kind of exclusive content on my website?
  2. I wish I lived in a descent city that offered cources in Java and PHP and other languages. I cannot take classes online.
  3. Awwww.... I need ideas. My users/friends dont do websites so they dont know what they want.
  4. Hi All. I am trying to come up with some ideas for content to add to my website. I have a forum, photo gallery, RSS News Feed. I want to add some more things to make the website more functional, and add more features. Any recommendations? Rochester Gaming
  5. I am a retard, i am in my admin control panel on the phpbb forum, I cannot find how I can move posts from one forum to another
  6. I know it can eat bandwidth... I want to test it however... we might be growing as a club, and a suggestion was to have a song of the day, I give them my Russian techno music to listen too Thanks!!
  7. No I have seen sites with media players installed, and people hit play and the website plays music
  8. I am full of questions!!! I would like to install a media player on my main site. i would like to have a mp3 play if users want it to. I want to have a play button, and pause, and stop. basicly i dont want it to start playing by it self, only if users want to. I have been googling and googling for an hour... and I cannot find anything... can someone assist me?
  9. never mind!!!!!! I fixed it. thanks sooo much!
  10. well I did that, but now look what it does... when I click on it, it takes me to here "http://www.rochestergaming.com/phpbb/{http://www.rochestergaming.com}"
  11. Alright!!! I have another question!!!!!!!!!!! Can I make the logo up in the upper left hand corner be linked back to my website? instead of back to the my main phpbb forum? Which file in the phpbb diectory should I edit?
  12. If I update my forum, will all my posts and everything be deleted?
  13. Thanks sooo much Rob. I guess I just have to dig further to find those "advanced" options I was refering to. Thanks
  14. HAHAHAHAHA I will never let this thread die!!! I have more questions!! Okay i want to disable Guests from being able to post, and for the life of me, i cannot find that option. Also... is there some way to upgrade to a more advanced version of phpbb? Thanks
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