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  1. Rookie move, I know. I can't get into my Keepass database to get at my stored passwords. Havent been into this account in about two years and decided to get back to work on a directory website I was trying to set up. Unfortunately, I am unable to access cpanel or use ftp, I'm stuck in my wordpress dashboard tinkering with my theme. Not sure if it will help with identification but I have some other domains of which I am able to provide account login information to verify. I wasn't sure if the help desk was the way to go so I figured I'd start in the forum. Just lemme know if a help desk ti
  2. Thanks everybody. Must be on my end or something. I will do a traceroute thing later and get back.
  3. Im going grocery shopping, so if you reply and I don't, that's why. Have a nice day.
  4. My website has been VERY slow to load for about two days now. www.Quickrob.com I am a mess with usernames and passwords so i cant say what server it is (I think 102 or 103??). Any news? I hope you guys can clear this up, thanks Rob
  5. Thanks! I hope it helps people. I myself check it out when I get confused still...
  6. I have an HTML/CSS guide, hosted by TCH, available here: http://www.quickrob.com/html/
  7. You think i should just remove all that extra stuff from my .htaccess file?
  8. Yeah I went to that site and, as per the directions, added those 'spam" sites to my htaccess file. thats why they look alike i copied from aaronlogan.com and put it on my htaccess. I thought that list from aaronlogan was a list of known spammer domains and IP's But then they showed up on my hotlinks "allow" list.
  9. Hey guys. As a warning to other TCH'ers I am getting an odd result from this spam stopping technique so if anyone is going to try to alter their .htaccess file like I did then they should be weary. This link (http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=27093&st=0&gopid=172088entry172088) is a follow-up, so there you go! The changes in my .htaccess file were creating changes in my hotlinking protection settings...
  10. This is what led to this: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...topic=26588&hl= I was experimenting wih stopping spam. I think I am getting undesirable results.
  11. Hi Rob, my .htaccess file was updated by me about a week ago, I posted on it, and I will find my post and link to it. My permissions, err, I'm not sure I included my htaccess file though as an attachment and below (in next reply) i will link to what I have done... htaccess.zip
  12. The final 4 entries are the actual URLs i put on the list a while back
  13. I only personally added a few sites to the list of sites which CAN hotlink to me. I am confused about this monster-size list of domains which I surely dont want hotlinking to me. Does anybody know how these sites got here by any chance? Is this some kind of spam attack? Was this list populated with things I added to htaccess? ^(http://)?(www\.)?.*(-|.)2002sogwipo(-|.).* ^(http://)?(www\.)?.*(-|.)3marketeer(-|.).* ^(http://)?(www\.)?.*(-|.)4best(-|.).* ^(http://)?(www\.)?.*(-|.)4free(-|.).* ^(http://)?(www\.)?.*(-|.)4hs8(-|.).* ^(http://)?(www\.)?.*(-|.)4u(-|.).* ^(http://)?(www\.
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