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  1. My sites are on a different server, and I was experiencing the same thing. Everything came back a minute or two ago.
  2. I was curious if this was still the current hardware lineup that's being offered, since I've seen AMD machines mentioned. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/web-hosting-dedicated.html Pentium D - Dual Core 2.8Ghz Thanks,
  3. Just wanted to say thanks. So far appears to be working well. I'm impressed - I like the interface a lot more than the other two. I normally route my email through a GMail account, but will have to reconsider. Thanks again austex
  4. I'm getting this error all over my CPanels after my migration to the new machines: [an error occurred while processing this directive] (this is a clickable link in CPanel) This is one example when I click on the above: Unable to understand response from admin bin: apache sent: GETDOMAINIP **** received:[]: Illegal seek at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/AdminBin.pm line 140. Cpanel::AdminBin::adminfetch('apache', '/usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf', 'GETDOMAINIP', 'scalar', '****') called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/UserDomainIp.pm line 23 Cpanel::UserDomainIp::getdomainip('****') called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ExpVar.pm line 227 Cpanel::ExpVar::expvar('$isallowedssl') called at cpanel.pl line 1687 main::execiftag('<cpanelif $isallowedssl>') called at cpanel.pl line 4376 main::dotag(undef) called at cpanel.pl line 4265 main::cpanel_parseblock('SCALAR(0x8f8bd70)') called at cpanel.pl line 4219 main::cpanel_parse('GLOB(0x9ff53cc)') called at cpanel.pl line 1043 It seemed like it happened when the old IP/DNS changed to the new IP/DNS, but could it be that something is not installed or is it still a DNS issue that will sort itself out in the next day or two?
  5. austin

    Smf Forums

    Sorry, didn't mean to link to another hosting site. http://www.simplemachines.org/community/in...p?topic=74237.0 talks about some of the problems people may have with email getting out to new users. http://www.simplemachines.org/community/in...246.0;topicseen gets into another problem that maybe affecting people - the email may not be formatted properly and so is being rejected by certain mail providers. I just tested a solution that works with .Mac ,and wasn't working with .Mac before - went into Feature configuration under Server settings, chose SMTP and then proceeded to add the mail server information: server: mail.yourdomainattch.com port: 25 smtp username: mailaddress@yourdomainattch.com smtp password: youremailpassword Worked very fast. For my webmaster email, I have a gmail account. The activation emails received appear to be from my webmaster email gmail account. You can look at the headers, and you'll never see your smtp username account (in my example above, mailaddress@yourdomainattch.com) - you'll see your hosting server name and the mail server, but otherwise it looks like Google. I had somebody test with AOL - didn't work. We'll have to find another solution. We even changed the webmaster address to the mailaddress@yourdomainattch.com thing, thinking that an email that maintains a correct (electronic) paper trail all the way would work.
  6. austin

    Smf Forums

    Ok, that's what I'm thinking. SMF has a built-in function to use a formal SMTP mailer rather than the forwarding route that AOL doesn't like (because of the spammers). I'm going to test this, but I believe we can simply put in the SMTP settings of our domain, and the registration/validation emails would then be sent as formal emails from our domain and not the forwarding that AOL, etc., doesn't like. I think .Mac has a problem with some forwards as well. I also found a post on another forum which allows Google mail to be used, which is even better. The validation email would have whatever valid Google address you setup as the return, and it would allow you to easily track the emails that have been sent for validation. Since many forum admins are using GMail these days for their forums, this could be an ideal solution. A ton of storage, and an easy 'search' feature to be able to track down any problems.
  7. austin

    Smf Forums

    I just setup an SMF forum (actually upgraded from PunBB - very easy to do, I might add). A few people are having problems getting their validation emails. One I know, was on AOL.com, and so I figure it's on AOL's end. Has anybody else had any problems with your software sending out emails to new users and the like? SMF has a formal email/SMTP setup built-in, and I may put in the settings of my domain and see if it works. thanks austin
  8. Does anybody have any good recommendations for user contact forms (i.e. visitors can contact you). I'm looking at both WordPress and standalone types. I've tried a few here and there, but they either seem to be vulnerable to the spammers, or they don't get through, for one reason or another. Thanks,
  9. I would check out: http://www.webmasterworld.com/ Lot of people who do work for others there, and you can probably find some really informative threads, especially as far as how to work with contracts, etc.
  10. Thanks for the update, so are the migrations going to continue while this is worked out?
  11. wow, you have some dedicated spammers. If you have some kind of akismet option, and assuming they are posting form spam, that might be able to help you - it catches a lot on my forums.
  12. It can. What else do you have installed besides SMF?
  13. You probably should put in some kind of captcha option - chances are it's not a real person, but some spambot. I get hit by them on occasion, but between the image verification stuff and akismet (among other tools), 99% don't get through.
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