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  1. What happens when you enter his login information and try and access cPanel?
  2. Clear your cache or log into yours and then log out properly and it should remove that. Can you just delete the information and put yours in?
  3. None. Care to PM me the domain name? You have piqued my curiosity and I would like to do a little research.
  4. Please follow our forum guidelines and not bump threads.
  5. Just visiting his website costs him money? How are they "hitting" the site? Abusive calls should be reported to the proper authorities if you can get the information. Also what his site is.
  6. Welcome to the forums Matt
  7. TCH-Rob


    Gil, Re-open and escalate to a manager if necessary. State your issue again and let them know that Andy was the one to tell you to open the ticket. FWIW, I am able to install and access the admin area just fine. I did have to log in twice in a row though.
  8. That's it. Thanks to everyone for playing. We will now go over the entries and make a decision within the next few days.
  9. To elaborate on this question a bit more. It can not be taken from you. Your domain is yours and any email you create for it is yours. Just because they are sending to or as a specific name does not mean they have taken it. See response above. You will not be sending it. When someone sends an email as if it were coming from your account, the thing that people look at are the headers and the IP address the email is coming from, not the domain name itself. You have nothing to worry about if you are not sending it yourself. Hope it helps.
  10. As my family made a stop in Ireland for a generation from Scotland to the US, we celebrate here as well. I am fighting bronchitis at the moment so no partying for me. You guys better have an extra one for me though!
  11. OK, guys and gals, you have until Midnight EST to get them in. After that this contest will come to a close. We will then begin to make our decisions and a winner will be announced in a few days. Get 'em in while you can.
  12. Mafia hit man turned informant, John "The Seal", returns home to tell his wife that his former boss is going to make him swim with the fishes. He is saddened to find that she is less than sympathetic when she grabs his hands and tells him that he has nothing to worry about.
  13. TCH-Rob

    Plone On Tch

    OK, I did a quick check on the Plone site so I may be off a bit but it looks like you need shell access to use this. As shell is not available on a shared account you would not be able to install it.
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