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  1. thanks for reply, so what is your suggestion? appreciate your help.
  2. Hi; I am trying to run a script and does not work, I have to make sure that cron job works, 1- is there is way to find out if the cron runs or not? 2- the first thing came to my mind was; when the cron job runs it sends an email, is this a right way to make sure cron job is working? 3- but now I am not sure how make the cron command simple to get email, hopping to get some help here: here is cron command: appreciate your help.
  3. thanks for reply, it is done now, actually I was little confused so I thought the other way around, I thought I should put the new name server in my TCH account, too much coffee perhaps.
  4. thanks for the reply, well that is the problem, to change the new ip pointing address I have to do it on my hosting account which is: TCH, but the address will be redirected to domain site of registerar to my domain account. I can not do anything. thanks
  5. hi, you might be able to help me out, I am not sure if should ask domain registerar or TCH, but I start here to see what happen, I had my domain with other company than TCH, I did transfer my domain to another third company, now after transfering is done, I can not log in to my tch host to change the new ip address to point to new domain regiserar, my adderss to log into my account of hosting is: www.****/cpanel and now my new address to access to my domain setting is www.****/vdeck now whenever I type the address to host (www.mywdomain.com/cpanel ), I will be redirected to the domain registerar site. any solution for this, to be able to log in to my hosting account? thanks
  6. trying to install a new autoresponder, what is the address of smtp server? when login and pass is needed to access the my smtp server, does it mean to use the one that is used to access cpanel? does the port of smtp server is 25? thanks
  7. I wonder if raw mail feature is on on the tch? if so what is the path to it? thanks
  8. thanks for reply; if Lazarus Guestbook is an rewriting of advanced guest book, is it better in terms of security or not? appreciate your comments on this. if I switch, is there an easy way to keep the messags though? thanks
  9. OH, I did noticed that the comments is on, so possibly they just did use comments and past the long text into it.
  10. Hi, I did install a guestbook ( Lazarus Guestbook advanced guest book I think ver.2.3) for my friend, today I noticed that a long list of some text mixed with links has been posted under those comments. I used to see guest book spam, that people leave links on guest book, but as a new comment, I have not see this before, it was totally 7 comments on the guest book, very short message, some into 2 line message, but now under every comment there are over 34 line of text and links as html, the html was disabled. the links are not live, how could this be? to mention the spam are only under those comments which are 7, not more. \ any help appreciated. thanks
  11. I just wonder if there is some kind of log that I can see what cron job has been running? is cronjob activities being recorded somewhare? I did delete a crob job by accident, and I have no idea what was deleted, I am trying to find out what was deleted to be able to write it again, I had 8 cron jobs running . thanks
  12. I did submit a ticket, waiting for reply, thanks
  13. thank you for reply, can I provide the web address here? as I mensioned this page was working since 2003, so I thought may be some upgrade on server side cause this, either Mysql upgrade or PHP, I am not expert on these. thanks
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