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    I had to a double take. I thought you meant you drank 151 wine coolers spiked with alcohol. Not wine coolers spiked with 151 Rum. I was going to ask what kind of connection you get from the etherial plane. I too remember the days of drinking "Always Transparent" mixed into a punch. If I could remember those days we could have such good conversations.
  2. I have been using this for well over a year. Great free program, has never failed me.
  3. If I had seen this sooner I would have taken you to dinner. Have to catch you next time.
  4. This may sound silly but cant you use the IP Deny Manager in CPanel if you have the IP address?
  5. Even though they have legs I have to agree with my reptile relatives. I want functionality not looks. I am also more familiar with the one we have. I can use it with turtles eyes closed Besides, dont you guys have enough to keep running without taking time out to change a skin?
  6. Matman, Since its not major news you arent getting laid off, just demoted
  7. George, I think you will need to open a ticket for that change.
  8. I sent a test message to you and have not gotten a failure back yet.
  9. The first thing I can think of is to check your web mail and see if it is even getting there. Then you can tell if it is the address itself or your OE.
  10. I just thought it was fun to see what other people had. I like checking out all the rigs people have, it was a bonus to get into the top 5. Besides, arent we here to have fun?
  11. tastewar, no thanks I dont eat anything cooked on spit. Fire or no I just dont think it is sanitary. I still dont know what these water tower things are. I suppose if we had water we would see these things more often. I guess in a state with no water there is no need for a water tower. We do get many days over 110 and over 100 days over 100 degrees. Oh, we also have more boats per capita than any other state. The only other claim to fame for Arizona is me but we wont go into that at this time
  12. Lookas like a hot air balloon being sucked into an upside down funnel. Are you sure you arent photoshopping these things to try and confuse me? <_
  13. HAHA! Tony, the things that separate us is that in Arizona we have no grass and walking barefoot means your flesh will melt to the ground in the summer. Does that qualify you to find the delete key? Not if you cant find the any key. We are also the state with more cowboys than cows. Mikey, whats a water tower? I always hear of that and snow but have never seen either. Is it like a snipe hunt, doesnt exist but makes you laugh at the fool looking for it?
  14. Thanks Mikey, you just made my decision easier.
  15. Since I dont know you that well Mikey can I blame Tony? I am sure its an Arkansas thing. I know when I clean house I always lose something and I dont have 8000 anything. I can only imagine whats involved in that kind of cleanup.
  16. If its $110 for the cert and install I can live with that. It's less than what I thought I would pay. I dont want the shared as I want the https in front of my name and not https://totalchoice. Whatever I can do to ensure more customers is worth it to me. I did get this from the help page though; So I think I will have to get the cert elswhere. No biggie though.
  17. Great pictures, they came out well. Figure out what ones you are getting yet?
  18. I am not having an issue with sending mail but I have to use my ISP's SMTP server. My ISP will not allow relaying. Is your outgoing mail server your domain SMTP or ISP SMTP? Kind of tough to answer as I am not sure of your Outlook settings. You may have to confirm with your ISP that you can use your domain SMTP and not theirs.
  19. I see some places have certs for about $50. Will those work here? They require Apache-ModSSL Apache-SSL (Ben-SSL, not Stronghold), Apache OpenSSL or Apache on Cobalt. I dont nimd paying you to instal it I just dont want to have to rob Fort Knox to get the SSL.
  20. Its up and running on my site if you want to have a look at the system. My Webpage
  21. Get the name first and then the plan. If you get hosting first and have it for a domain not purchased you may find someone has taken your name out from under you. I have seen this happen at my work. You can change your name servers after you get your hosting account and you will know your name is safely in your control.
  22. Nevermind, I got PHPShell and fixed my own problem. These arent the droids you're looking for. Move along.
  23. Has anyone had success installing osCommerce or interchange here. I am on a windows machine and am unsure of the procedure for installing one on the servers here. I am not sure I completely understand the files on the help sites for the products. I am going back to look there but was wondering if I could get some guidance.
  24. Let me see if I can help a bit. 12 months is 12 months, April to April. I can not answer how long the 12 for 11 will last. As I understand it you can not point a separate domain name to a sub domain. You dont need FTP but I find it easiest and its not hard to figure out. You gan have your own guestbook and board or you can use he ones that come with your CPanel. I think you pay the difference but I cant be 100%. Did I miss anything TCH?
  25. I gotta ask. What's WHM? If it’s We Happily Misdirect then I would be perfect for that position.
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