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  1. Well the new RAM was working for a few days but it has started up again. Looks like I may have to flash the bios. Me thinks I am running out of options.
  2. I fixed the freezing on my computer. A co-worker said, replace your RAM and it will fix it. I didnt want to give up my 128DDR but I had a 256 and a 128 133MHZ sitting around so I popped out the old and put the spares in. 4 days and no freezing. greatfolios, if you have some sitting around you may want to give it a try.
  3. Madmoose, Could you please post line 6 as well as 5 in sendimage.php. Most parsing errors are related to the line above the one listed. Can you also post the error message verbatim, is it saying it was expecting something?
  4. Interesting. I have that URL in my stats too.
  5. You bet. As long as you know your login you can access it from anywhere you can get an internet connection. It has nothing to do with the IP you have for an internet connection. Your web sites IP will be the same.
  6. I installed Opera and still get the same issue. It froze while Outlook was checking mail and I was browsing.
  7. Without seeing the code it is hard to say. If your code looks like this; $db = mysql_connect("server","user","pw") || die("error"); It should look like; $db = mysql_connect("server","user","pw"); if (! $db) { die("error"); } or if(!($db = mysql_connect("server","user","pw"))) { die("error"); } Is your script trying to open 2 db connections? Can we see some of the code?
  8. Another thing to try. The domain name registration system used here is picky with orders coming from outside of the USA. Get out your latest statement from the credit card company you are using and type it EXACTLY as it is on the statement. If it reads Road dont use Rd. If it is in ALL CAPS type it in ALL CAPS. I have had it so if I removed the middle initial of the persons name it was all it took to get the transaction to process. If you chose the correct country it should ignore the state.
  9. Rob, It is Win2K. Open your monitor in the Control Panel/Admin Tools. Rignt click, Add Counters. Performance Object = Process. Select %Processor Time, all instances, Add, Close. Right click, properties, update every second. Writing this and opening the perf mon caused my system to hang when I was not actively browsing.
  10. As I am having a similar issue here is what happened to my performance monitor when my system locked. That black line shooting up is my IE.
  11. Jack, Great to have a new addition to a fine team.
  12. Zeitgeist, I am sure TCH would be happy to have you move your name over as well. I agree that this is a great place. It should say something about TCH if I was working for a company that offered hosting and gave me a free account and I still came here to host my site. TCH Stones The above is an understatement.
  13. Well I fixed it. We were at the 99 cent store and I saw a USB cable. I figured what the hey it's only a dollar. I attached the cable and it found the printer and printed a test page just fine. I think it was the best dollar I have spent.
  14. Not a straight coffee fan unless it is half cream and sugar so its almost white. Now a tripple espresso caramel is another thing. Turtle, AMP isnt bad but I like Monster Energy a bit better. Great taste and works almost as good as an ephedrine.
  15. Also, is there anything else you have running at the same time it happens? As an example, I have a XP2100 with 256DDR and 100G HD. I am always running Outlook, OE and 5 or 6 IE windows and the big 3 IM programs on a WIN 2K OS. Whenever the Outlook or OE checks mail the computer will freeze until the check is done. My memory usage is at %50 and my CPU usage is no more that %15 until this happens, virtual is set to 384 - 1024. Try and time how long it is between lockups. if it a regular occourance. Then narrow it down to an app if possible. I just have not taken the time to look further into it but I am curious if yours is a similar thing.
  16. And after the second.
  17. To make the transfer the smoothest your Registrant contact must have valid information in it. First Name, Last Name and Company name if applicable. Nothing should say none, na, private or the like. The administrative contact aside from not being associated with your domain name must match as well. This will make the transfer the fastest. Once it has started keep in mind that the email coming from the losing registrar, in this case NetSol, can look like an email asking you to purchase something. Some registrars put this in the first 2 thirds of the email and at the bottom it will have transfer instructions. Once you have begun the transfer do not delete anything from NetSol until you are sure it is safe to do so. Also, you can not transfer a domain name to a different registrar if it has expired or within 60 days of it being renewed and in some cases if you have less than 10 days until the expiration date. The instructions may explain this, I havent read them in a while.
  18. AndyB, Having worked for the domain company I can fill in the other 1 percent. You pay the entire amount up front, $109.50.
  19. I dont want to water cool because I need to. I want to do it because i can. I could care less on this machine if I can realy overclock it or not, it's my play machine. I have a machine each for my wife, daughter, and myself as well as my play machine. I use my play machine to learn new tricks with hardware and I have always wanted to answer the question of what do you run with "A water cooled blah blah blah". Heck if I could get it to run submerged in liquid nitrogen I would. Its the one thing I have that I dont care what happens to it as long as I am having fun toying around with it.
  20. Jim, I have to agree with you. Just as you can never have too big a hard drive or too much ram everything you can do to keep the heat away will give your computer a better life.
  21. I have not learned it yet, not all of it anyways. I started because I was looking for an easy to learn robust and free shopping cart. The one I found was written in PHP. Far be it for me to get a book and start reading before I implement something, thats for smart people. I learned trial by fire, I installed the program and taught myself to configure it. Now I am looking for books so I can get a better understanding, looking forward to reading the other posts so I can see who likes what.
  22. leezard, Too cool. I will have to be on the lookout for those. The last seroius overclocking was getting my Celeron 300A up to the 500 mark with no extra cooling. I think I should have at the least put a bigger fan on it though as it only lasted about a year. Now I am looking to start getting back into it again. I have 6 case fans so I think I have the case cooling in place and am thinking on going water cooled and pulling my monster TT fan out. I am going to get a kick out of these new forums. Keep em comming.
  23. Going for the alphabet after your name? I will be happy if I can complete the CISSP and GIAC. I wish I had that kind of mental aptitude. I can remember the Latin name of most every python out there but I would have to buy a PDA just to remember all those letters for the certs you've got going.
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