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  1. Not as funny as these of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer giving a rousing speech (I guess these are old now, but still make me laugh). http://jokke.dk/media/balmer.html PS: You'll be needing QuickTime to play them, I think.
  2. Many thanks to digirunt for getting me out of a whole on this one. The all new super logo is now online at www.fivetofollow.net CHEERS! Kevin
  3. Any reason to be worried by the contents of: http://www.zone-h.org/en/news/read/id=2986/ ??? Kevin
  4. The site will be just a plain white background (at the moment anyway), so I can work around anything suggested! Something hip, cool AND responsible would be good as well - honestly I really have no idea what I want, I suppose I'll just see something and then I'll like it! Cheers, erm, Mr. Bill!
  5. Hi, Bit of a cheeky one I suppose, but my website is hopefully going fully live in the next month, and will require a bit of publicity, and for that I want to create a "corporate image" of some kind. Only one problem with this is that I am wholly rubbish at any sort of artistic talent, and so I'm coming on the scrounge! If anyone can come up with a snappy looking logo for my website (www.fivetofollow.net) I will be very grateful! I am even offering to throw in a free chart CD of your choice (as long as I can track it down on CD-Wow). I really, REALLY do not know exactly what I'm looking for, but something that is good looking to the eye is the main factor. The site, in case you are interested, is following five unsigned UK bands, hopefully all the way to the very top and is not a commercial venture - more of a hobby than anything. Anyway, details of what to do are on the website, so hopefully someone can come up with something and stop me having to use that crappy word art at the top of the page! Now then - get to work Whip Cheers! Kevin Brock www.fivetofollow.net
  6. Problem solved. Don't know how, but checked webmail again (what appears to be a different account) and found about 3mb of mail stacking up - including two of my vital replies! Now it's time for the real work Kevin
  7. Oh great, now it doesn't recognise me. Sod it ... I need some sleep.
  8. Sounds like it to me as well, just covering any obvious angles! Kevin
  9. Cheers CM - nothing as yet appeared - will check webmail shortly. Mails stuck in cyberspace somewhere! It's actually annoying cos the mails I sent today were the start to my site and now it looks like I might have to ask ppl to respond to another address, which from my perspective would look a bit unprofessional. I know the address has worked in the past, and I also know I haven't changed any settings on my PC. BTW - did you send the test to info@ or kevin@? Cheers, Kevin
  10. Yup, tried that - no sign of it
  11. OK, got a mate who has a fivetofollow.net address, and have e-mailed him. He got the e-mail with no problems and replied to my kevin@ address which I still haven't received. However, he also sent a blank e-mail to my info@ address ... which has arrived very quickly. Checked my settings which all appear correct and there are no authentication errors on log in, so does anyone have any suggestions? Using OE if that helps?! Cheers, Kevin
  12. Trying to iron out a possible e-mail problem I have, but if someone can send an e-mail to myself at both info@fivetofollow.net and kevin@fivetofollow.net it would help. It's a long one to explain, but I have CC'd sent e-mails to myself today and have not had them back. I have sent mails from my fivetofollow address to my ISP account, and got them straight away, but mails from my ISP account to my fivetofollow account are not arriving - and now I'm lost as I don't actually know if people I have e-mailed have replied and I haven't got them for some reason. This might just help me (or support) pin any problems down if (when) I raise a support ticket. Cheers, Kevin
  13. Info found in uk.telecom.broadband.. http://europe.cnn.com/2003/TECH/internet/0...k.ap/index.html I guess everyone's aware of a MS SQL exploit currently ongoing?! Further information available from BBC website at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/2693925.stm
  14. Just heard from a friend who runs a website in the UK that they have been told by their hosting company that the whole internet is slow today due to a new virus doing the rounds. Does anyone know anything about this? I've not noticed any discernible difference personally. Kevin
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