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  1. Answer to 11. I have oscommerce installed on my site. Can you install it? Yes. Is it directly supported, can TCH answer your questions on it? I doubt it but they have a great forum there and some of us can give a few answers here on these forums.
  2. Thanks Jack, I am using OScommerce, cant argue with free. I cant take credit for how it is set up, static URL's and the like. If I had a question I went to their forum and found my answer. I know any issue I had there was a 99% chance somebody else had it as well. I ended up never having to post a question. All I did was follow directions. So all I can take credit for is following those directions correctly. I have much to learn but I think I am slowly getting there.
  3. I was able to unzip my shopping cart using the extract feature in CPanel and it worked fine. I do not know if it will overwrite the files though. I say as long as you dont get your shell stuk, zip it up.
  4. Thanks for jumping in Jack, I am still getting the hang of this PHP thing. Umm, Jim....... yeah, what Jack said
  5. Ok , here is the longest post for 1 question. Aw Stats shows; And it shows; As well as; Last month Google hit me 94 times and for a short period I had a number 1 ranking for a specific search phrase. On to my question, after reading some more on what you wrote would it be safe to say I am in the dance with Google? BTW, I almost have your first truck payment ready, if it werent for having to buy diapers you would have had it by now.
  6. Glad to hear it. I have found every answer I needed in their forums. Never had to post a question there, just do a search for your question. Every issue I had was had by somebody else and there was an answer waiting. Have a look here. OSCommerce Forums
  7. Rick, You have my admiration for being a teacher. I am gonna have to have a drink for you too. Heck, I think I will have a drink for everybody here. With 1079 registered members and 5 days to drink it all thats about 216 drinks a day or 9 drinks an hour. I cant imagine the hang over that will give me by monday morning. Of course it will cost me $2,150 to have a pint of Guinness for everybody. Anyone care to contribute to my beer fund? HG, you can still yell at me. I have become used to it.
  8. Turtle, I have a wife and 2 kids. Work is to relax from home stress.
  9. Well my time at the 4th largest domain registrar is over. I got a job at the state working for the Department of Education in the MIS department. Finally no stress of sales quotas. I have a 5 day weekend, time to crack open a Guinness and relax for a bit. Beware, I have more time on my hands so I will be on here more acting like the idiot I am.
  10. Jim, It normally means that in that file, test11.php, either before the <?php or after the ?> at the end of the file, you have whitespace. This causes trouble. It is normally at the bottom of the file (after the "?>") and is caused by using some non-standard text editors to change these files. Put your cursor just after the ?> at the end and see if you use the arrow keys and your cursor moves past the > then you have whitespace. Just put your cursor after the > again and hold the delete key down until all the whitespace is gone. Then save the file and try it again.
  11. Ok, I have disabled COM2 and changed my ECS settings to; No dice. Jim, my only mates are my wife and kids. I am going to try a new cable in the morning and I could use a BIOS flash as it is. If all else fails I only paid about $50 US for it so it will not be a huge loss if I have to get a new one.
  12. Jim, Maybe I am missing something. You have define ("ROOT", /home/bugman/www/"); // filesystem path to root directory I wrote define ("ROOT", "/home/bugman/www/"); // filesystem path to root directory Could that not be the cause? What you wrote is missing a quotation mark before /home/bugman
  13. Could it be that should be Note the " before /home, isnt in your code.
  14. I am running OSCommerce on my site. After you create the database you need to have the location localhost, the username of the DB ( cpanelusername_dbname) the the password. catalog/includes/configure.php should have;
  15. I am working on the changes at this moment. I have 2 relavant sites linking and 3 more on the way soon I hope. I will continue reading and saving my money for your truck.
  16. If the reviews turn out good I think I have a new item on the list to get.
  17. Looks like I have fun ahead of me. I will give it a shot later tonight and let you know.
  18. Bill, Printer has USB connection but it not using it. Leezard, Can't count the number of times I have ripped the whole thing out of my system and reinstalled. Only one printer listed in CP but oddly enough I have nothing in the Device Manager at all that remotely looks like a printer, not even a ?. It worked before I changed motherboards and reinstalled the OS on a new HD. No activity at all. Here is what Sandra gives me;
  19. 1. The Knife & Blade Shop 2. Same as above 3. Sales of knives, swords, armor and martial arts accessories. 4. Link at the bottom (text) Rank Evaluation (please)
  20. I guess I will be the first to jump in here and get the ball running. I have a cannon S450 that will not print. I am running Win 2K on an AMD 2100. Whenever I try to print it will sit for about 2 minutes and give me an error trying to print failure. The printer has a solid green light and I have the latest drivers installed. Sandra can recognize the printer fine and shows no errors. I did start having this issue when I installed the new motherboard and CPU. The motherboard has the K7S5a chipset and I have been in the BIOS to make sure the printer port was enabled. I was thinking on getting a new cable to try and see if that was the problem. When I powercycle the printer it runs through its diagnostics fine. I can not even get a test page to print. Any sugestions? You'd think my silly little A+ I got some years ago would help me on this but I am out of ideas.
  21. TCH-Rob

    Site Map

    DSD, Well slap me and call me Susie. Though I have a small number of products I have over 6000 links. Looks like I will have to see if it can narrow the search or fork over some cash for the full version. Unless anyone knows of a free one I will have to start saving my pennies. Thanks for the link.
  22. TCH-Rob

    Site Map

    Now that I have a few products on my site (about 150) I need a site map. I wasnt smart enough to make one as I go. Is there a program out there that will crawl my site and give me all my links so I can make a site map so it can be spidered easier?
  23. Maybe I am reading this wrong. You are using the custom 404 in CPanel right? Isnt there a button at the top that says Requested URL? cant you just click in your code where you want it to be and select that button? Put this in your browser knifeandblade.com/azfdssaf.html Is that what you are referring to?
  24. I am not sure how to put holes in the website and give it an that distinct aftertaste. Sorry, had to be done. :::sigh:: I need a life. Swiss, French Swiss or German Swiss? Not that I know the difference, do you speak the language? Is there a swiss font? What are you creating the site with? Some have language packs you can use. One index and parallel pages would work.I tried a few searches but came up empty handed on anything you could do yourself. I will keep looking and maybe there are others that have an answer.
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