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  1. Actually, it was Brian one time & Terry another - called id said something completely different. Brent
  2. Luckily, this guy was smart enough to leave a voicemail message (body slam threat included) that I've saved. Doubting I'll hear from him again, Brent
  3. I do appreciate all the input from everyone. Of course - no; this deal has absolutely nothing to do with TCH. As best I can tell (please excuse my techno-idiocy) - this guy is looking at some report showing who hits his sight (perhaps his $80/hit bill :-), our ISP assigned static ip leads this guy to look up who we are and he sees that both of our company names/websites have the word "legal" in them (we're a litigation support company). This guy's company/website also deals with the legal community but in a completely different way (It's a legal referral service as best I can tell) --
  4. Thanks for the comments folks. This guy called again today and I was here to take the call. Apparently, we've hit his sight another 4 times and he is extremely angry. I don't believe he appreciated my laughing while he threw a string of curses my way. He became even more agitated when I suggested he might be "on crack." After his tirade (where he mentioned 'body slamming' me as well as flying out here to do me bodily harm) I suggested he contact our local district attorney and go ahead and report me. He hung up with a "you'll hear from my attorney" threat - interlaced with some fine
  5. People in my office have received 2 threatening phone calls today from an individual who claims that someone from our ip address has been hitting his website (9 times so far today) and due to his advertising this costs him $45 for each hit??? He then tells us that he'll "body slam" us and that his company has almost unlimited $$$ and legal support and that we better stop right now or we face certain legal action. For the life of me -- I can't fathom what in the world this guy is talking about. I'm assuming this is some sort of scam -- but I just can't see the angle? Any ideas??
  6. Wow, I feel like an idiot. I would kick myself in the backside if only I could reach. Thanks for showing me what was right there & I couldn't see. I'm spamming myself, dangit! My sincere thanks, Brent
  7. Hello all, I've started to get quite a few bogus emails that say something like "I've added you to my address book" Using outlook, I try to designate them as junk but an error comes back that the email address or domain is invalid. If someone would take pity on a newbie and help me decipher this greek below to come up with a course of action/plan of attack, I would be eternally grateful. thanks, brent Return-path: <nobody@server51.totalchoicehosting.com> Envelope-to: brent@mytchdomain.com Delivery-date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 01:02:18 -0400 Received: from advkslid by se
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