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  1. thanks everyhting is working now...Thanks alot guys
  2. When I call it this will it become my home page
  3. ok that worked but im still having problems, when ever I go to my site it says this instead of what I intend it to. EDIT-you have to click the website thing to see what I wrote but how do I make that home page. site.bmp
  4. still didn't work...this is the error message I got. Maybe it's something else any ideas. EDIT-No it works. help.bmp
  5. ok thats what ill do.Any ideas, please help I have been put of making my site since janurary. site.bmp
  6. I have already tried this and it doesn't work...Have any other ideas maybe my ftp host is wrong what should I put there.
  7. I am using macromedia dreamweaver 8 to transfer my site and when I put in the info of my site it asks me to put in info for host directory, and I have no clue what goes there, I tried putting in totalchoicehosting but that didn't work any one have any ideas.
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