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  1. Just finding out about this now. Neen with TCH so long and never having had a problem like this, I just don't monitor my site that often Anyway, it looks like the index.php restore script worked. However, any index.htm file was deleted, either by the script or by the hacker. I've restored my site from my personal backup files. I still can't send any email: access denied... Server is stormtrooper Regards, Dan Cumpian
  2. For years I resisted the iPod and insisted that CD's were the only way to listen to music. Well, I finally broke down and bought a 120GB iPod Classic and have about 1/2 my CD collection in it (so far). With a proper dock that interfaces with your stereo, it is so much easier to find what you want to listen to this way. Instead of hunting for a CD, I scroll a menu on the TV and push "Play". Of course, how you load your music into iTunes/iPod is important, particularly proper assignment of genre so you can group similar artists together for quick plays. The latest iTunes plus compression sounds pretty darned good and it is very difficult to hear the difference between that and the actual CD. For really complex music, I also rip at 320k. One reason whi I bought the large capacity iPod. Dan
  3. I think a better one is Shadow Protect: www.storagecraft.com/products/ShadowProtectDesktop/ So far, it has been very reliable for me. Regards, Dan
  4. This can happen if there is a redirect on the server. I had this happen to me before and it turned out that I had to use a slightly different URL to avoid the issue. Example: causes failed login http://www.mywebsite.com/lockeddir works http://www.mywebsite.com/lockeddir/ Regards, Dan
  5. Recovering a deleted file is one thing, recovering usable information from a drive that has been fdisked, reformatted and then had a whole bunch of new files written to it (O/S install) would be hugely expensive and most likely beyond the capabilities of anyone that would end up with your PC. Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Regards, Dan
  6. You can also search for records CONTAINING an alphanumeric string by using LIKE '%string%'. Regards
  7. You can eliminate 90% of the spam registrations by modding two files: usercp_register and functions_validate By adding your own validations to these files, you can prevent most of the spam registrations. Regards, Dan
  8. This is also commonly used for PHPBB. Thanks, Dan
  9. If Eudora uses multiple connections to check the email accounts, you may need to change this so that each account is checked one at a time, or otherwise limit the number of simultaneous connections. Regards, Dan
  10. I'll add my $.02 as well. Server 76 was upgraded last night and I didn't even notice. Everything is working just as well as before. Good job TCH! BTW, when will Server 76 join the other servers in Michigan? Regards, Dan
  11. This is an internal database that MySQL uses to store information it needs about the databases that it is managing. DO NOT delete this database... Regards, Dan
  12. That is the situation that occurred. Backup and restore was for the same version of Firefox, however a different version of Windows (XP vs Vista). I'll blame it on Vista, for now Regards, Dan
  13. I recently purchased a new PC and use FEBE to make backups of my old Firefox settings. Everything transferred to the new PC except my passwords. When I tried it, it looked like they were there in the raw files, but Firefox wouldn't recognize them. In fact, after restoring them, Firefox would no longer save any new passwords. I've got it all sorted out now, but if you use FEBE, be forewarned. Regards, Dan
  14. Are you sure that your video card supports hardware acceleration? Dan
  15. dcumpian


    I purchased a new Toshiba laptop for my wife whose old Windows ME (!) desktop was dying. It came pre-loaded with Vista and so far she has gotten everything that was on her old machine running successfully under Vista. I was amazed that some old software, like Corel Printhouse, loaded and ran under Vista without any issues. The only issue we had was with an old Logitech webcam...finally got it working though. Dan
  16. Bruce, thanks for the information. With PHPBB, I install the updates by hand using source code comparison tools. If and when Tiki comes out with a new version, I'll do the same. It's good to review the code changes in any case... Regards, Dan
  17. Hello, I recently installed Tikiwiki through Fantastico (nice wiki, BTW) and I was wondering what happens when Fantastico updates Tikiwiki with a newer version. Will it automatically update or do I have a choice? I haven't done any code modifications, except for installing a theme and a plugin, but I'd like to know what will happen. Thanks, Dan
  18. You need to repair your database. Log into your CPanel and click on the "MySQL" icon to get to the repair function. Regards, Dan
  19. Bill (and/or any other interested TCH parties), I just want to add that erisande's issue with the Help Desk has been happening to me as well. I opened a ticket for it (no email notifications) and the support personnel sent "test" emails to me and I received them just fine. However, it is intermittent. The last two tickets worked the way they were supposed to, so I don't know what the root cause is. I keep an old "key" around to login to the Help Desk Status area when I've got a ticket in the works, just in case. Regards, Dan
  20. Thanks for the suggestion. The RewriteCond works like a charm. Regards, Dan
  21. That actually might work, if HTTP_REFERER is not what I expect, then redirect to the index... I'll experiment with this... Thanks, Dan
  22. Hello click, thanks for replying... No, there aren't any other .htaccess files with Rewrite/redirect rules. All other .htaccess files simply disable indexing. I experimented some more and discovered that I could get very close, but then the file download system would loop back to the index.php file as well. Apparently, the URL to actually download a file is the same once the PHP script serves it up. So, it doesn't look like this is possible and I'll have to monitor the awstats logs to see if there are abuses that way instead. Someone else recommended moving the location of the files to be downloaded to another folder out of the tree that is unreadable and then have another script authenticate and serve up the files as needed. Unfortunately, I only understood about half of what he recommended... I don't know how to create a script that can self-authenticate... Regards, Dan
  23. Hello, I've struggled with this for a few hours and I'm stumped. I need to find a way to either rewrite a url or redirect in the following situation: I've setup a file download system that uses urls like so: >www.****/download/regfiles/index.php?action=downloads&id=1&download=uploads/files/filename.exe However, if a user enters: >www.****/download/regfiles/uploads/files/filename.exe They can access the file without using the download system. All users must authenticate to get this far, so that's not the problem. My issue is that the download system logs all downloads and I want to enforce this so I can determine if a user abuses their download rights by giving away their login/password. I want to redirect them to the download system's "index.php" whenever they attempt to do this. I've tried variations of this: >Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule (.*)/regfiles/uploads/files/(.*)\.exe index.php [nc] with no luck whatsoever I'm either regex-stupid, or this isn't possible... Help! Thanks, Dan
  24. Bruce, Thanks for your help. I looked at these before and, while they do use MySQL to track users, at the heart of it, .htaccess authentication is still being used. I guess if it's good enough for these folks, it is good enough for me Regards, Dan
  25. Hello, I would like an alternative to using .htaccess authentication to protect user access to a folder (and subfolders) on my site. What I'd like to do is store user and password information in a MySQL database and when a user attempts to access a file or folder, the user is given a login prompt. While I know I can do this using .htaccess, I've read that it can become slow and even fail when the list of users gets too large. However, I don't know what "too large" is... If anyone can point me to a script that does this, I would be grateful. I tried searching Hotscripts, but found that the script were too complex or provided unwanted features. Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks, Dan
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