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  1. Also, I would recommend setting your default email address for each domain to :fail:. That way, unless the email is addressed to a specific email account, it is not saved on your mail server. A lot of the spam that comes in to TCH customer's domains are spammers who get the domain name from public records. Regards, Dan
  2. Is there any other way to access Squirrel Mail other than through CPanel? I just discovered this problem today and submitted a help desk ticket before I came here. I used Horde to take care of mail that needed taking care of, but the way you phrased your reply implies that Squirrel works if accessed some other way. What way? Best Regards, Dan
  3. Any ideas on how the directory was exploited? Regards, Dan
  4. If you get the wavy lines again, you may want to try simply moving your computer. Electrical wiring inside of a wall can sometimes cause interference, particularly if there is an electric motor attached to the circuit. Regards, Dan
  5. From you message, I think you are using PHPBB. 1) Make sure you are running the latest version. 2) Turn on email activation. 3) Visit www.phpbb.com and read up on mods to make it harder for spam bots to register on your forums. 3) Periodically, check your "USERS" table and look for users that have a) registered but not activated their account, and a website listed in their profile. Delete these guys. Regards, Dan
  6. Subscribers who use PHPBB would definitely have problems if TCH upgraded to PHP5. It is a known problem that PHPBB (and a lot of other PHP-based software, I'm sure) will break with a change to PHP5. I'm just hoping that PHPBB will get v3.0 out the door before TCH has to upgrade... Regards, Dan
  7. Perhaps you could look into a utility that will spread out the emails that you send to keep them under the limits? I use "32-bit Email Broadcaster" to send upgrade announcements to my customers and, other than the time it takes to send them all out, everything works fine. I just set everything up and go to bed. You'll need to talk to someone at TCH to get the correct email interval so that you won't violate your limits. Regards Dan
  8. I had to add align="left" to one other table to get everything lined up and now it looks good in all three browsers. Interestingly enough, it looks like hell in Dreamweaver, but I can live with that as long as it works in the "real" world. Thanks again for your tips! Regards, Dan
  9. dkotchen, Thanks for your input. I'll try these out. All of the other pages are derived from the home page, so once that is working, I should be able to solve the problem elsewhere. Regards, Dan
  10. Well, the link would be to a commercial site that I have hosted here at TCH. So I'm not sure that it meets the guidelines in regards to "commercial gain", since it is a site for our software. Here's the link, remove it if you need to: http://www.newsmanpro.com Regards, Dan
  11. Well, is it OK to post the site link here? Maybe someone will be able to point out the problem... I'm sure it is obvious, just not to me Regards, Dan
  12. I have a site that I did in Dreamweaver. It uses CSS, for the most part, but I'm no web programmer. I'm willing to pay someone who really knows CSS to get the site as cross-compatible as possible. Thanks, Dan
  13. I've been with TCH for a year and a half and run an online business from my website. The website has been down exactly four times in that year and a half. In 3 of the 4 cases, it was down for under 3 minutes. While the MySQL databases are the fastest I've experienced, they are perfectly acceptable for forum hosting and other "light" database storage. Using MySQL to dynamically generate your entire website begs for a dedicated MySQL box to support the traffic volume. You are asking quite a lot of a $4/month hosting service. Regards, Dan
  14. The "update_to_latest.php" file only changes the data structure of the PHPBB tables. It should not affect your forum's data. Regards
  15. While it's true that the buttons are working, I've yet to see them show anything other than Green status, even when the server in question really is down. I think this page is a bit hosed... Regards, Dan
  16. You must either edit the overall_header.tpl file for the forum style you are using to use your new logo and make sure that you don't mess up the formatting. However, it is much easier to simply make your logo the same size as the phpbblogo and just FTP yours over theirs. Again, you can find the references for the log in the overall_header.tpl file. This is also where you would add the link back to your home page (assuming you want to have visitors click on your logo to achieve this). To backup your forums, you can either go to the forum's administration panel and perform a backup there, or use phpmysqladmin from CPanel to export your forum database. Regards, Dan
  17. Well, I can't figure out what site I was at, or where I read it, but I guess what I needed to do was find the file that was specific for the upgrade from 2.0.14. to 2.0.15. I did that, and uploaded the files that I was instructed to, but then the database structure wasn't updated properly. The directions told me I had to go to the /install/ folder and run a file there, but there was no /install/ folder, and one hadn't been provided in the 2.0.14_to_2.0.15 upgrade file. At this point, my database structure was 2.0.14, but my website was set for 2.0.15. Since I didn't know how to convert my database to .15, I just quit, uninstalled everything and started over. I have no idea what I did wrong, but then again, I can't even figure out what I DID... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ahh...yes I got bit by the DB update when I first started using PhPBB. What you need to do is create an install folder and FTP the "upgrade_to_...php" file to that folder and execute it from a web browser. The folder must be off your PHPBB forum root folder. After the upgrade is complete, you must delete the Install folder you created or the forum will not run. Regards
  18. How did you perform your upgrade? When I update mine, I usually download the "Changed Files Only" package from PhpBB and use Beyond Compare to view and apply the changes. This allows me to easily see if a change will conflict with something. Regards Dan
  19. I've solved this before (it depends on the HP printer) by turning off bi-directional communications between your PC and the printer. Regards, Dan
  20. If you want to isolate which "service" is having the problem, then open your Services panel and note which ones are listed as "Automatic" but are not started. This should give you a good idea of which service or services failed to start. Finally, you can use MSCONFIG to temporarily disable the suspect service(s) one at a time and reboot until you don't get the error. This will tell you which one is the problem. Once you know this, you can decide if you really need it or not. It may very well be a service for some application that you recently removed from your system. Regards, Dan
  21. Might I make the suggestion that when you scroll the Window, the image doesn't scroll? It doesn't look as good that way... Using Firefox. Regards, Dan
  22. Your index page is the default web page that is loaded whenever a visitor goes to your web address. It typically is a web page named "index.htm". I'm not certain how to get your forum's main page to be your default web page, but I'm pretty sure that you'll have to redirect traffic to that page by editing your .htaccess file. Regards, Dan
  23. If you recently registered your domain, or even updated (renewed) it, this is most likely the source of the spam. Many spammers target new domains automatically by monitoring new registrations. AFAIK, TCH does not automatically filter email like many ISP's will. Regards Dan
  24. Windows has the problems that it has primarily because users of Windows demanded that it be able to do some of the very things that led to it's vulnerabilities. That's certainly no excuse, but I'm certain it was not deliberate on Microsoft's part to say "OK, we can let the hackers in through here...and here...". The Linux vs. Windows "war" is interesting, from an intellectual, IT-minded point of view. But for the average user that wants to go to Wal-Mart or Best Buy and pick up the latest game or digital camera software, Linux isn't even on the map. Maybe one day it will be, but we ain't there yet. Regards, Dan
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