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  1. Ha, I love the tagline. The authority on almost learning since 1996. Truly awesome.
  2. I can confirm that this is allowed. As Bruce said you just need to add your allowed remote IPs into the MySQL configuration in cPanel.
  3. Brian, As a followup due to playing with this, you can also just change the extension of your image. Just naming a jpeg file.jpe or a png file.pn will get around the hotlinking and let you present your Quit Hotlinking image.
  4. Woo hoo, flat screen tvs for everyone! Actually, I have no idea what it is. They're treating the announcement like it's a state secret.
  5. Brian, When you use hotlink protection, it will block images originating from your site. In order to do this you would either need to construct an allowance for this particular image or host it offsite with someone like Photobucket.
  6. Quite alright, just wanted to be sure. Any previous error logs should be in the directory where the script runs. There should be a file named error_log in that directory that can safely be removed.
  7. Errors are not logged to php.ini but are instead output to error_log. Are you just looking to clear the previous error logs, or is your developer stating that errors are caused by a setting in php.ini?
  8. I still see Verisign and Network Solutions as one in the same (Verisign having previously owned NetSol), so it's not surprising to see shady practices from the both of them. I think it's a bit different for Internet Explorer to try and show relevant search results if it cannot find the site over redirecting to a similarly registered domain. Maybe I'm wrong and they are doing something more shady there, but I don't use IE all that often.
  9. Greetings TCH Family, This morning one of the routers feeding our building began dropping the connection to XO and bringing it back online. Due to this repeated flapping of the link, our routes were dampened temporarily. This means that other routers on the internet stopped talking to us for a short period of time until it was stabilized. The XO connection was brought down completely and our network is now running on Level(3) and Cogent. The root cause of this was a failing line card in an older router. The connection to XO will be moved over to the newer router and brought back online. There should be no further issues by bringing the connection back online, but we regain transit with XO at that time. If you have any specific issues with your account, please open a ticket with the help desk.
  10. Ha, and you did. Bug will be fixed in next release . cPanel is pretty good about getting those fixes out.
  11. Thanks Kenneth, I was actually going to submit that to the bugzilla today. Glad you're already on it.
  12. Yes, if you post the error to the ticket we can increase your PHP memory allocation so your script can complete.
  13. I may go just to visit the Delorean factory near Dick.
  14. What's all this talk about gameservers? Since when do we need computer to roll a saving throw? Yes, this is certainly something we can do and there are a variety of options depending on the game.
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