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  1. That is so awesome! Congrats on your success!! Weezy
  2. Ok I fixed two different PHP files and changed permissions and PAH! Is there another gallery program we should use? LOL! Weezy
  3. Thanks!! I will read those!! Weezy
  4. Which one is the thumbnail gallery? LOL! I willl look at another gallery and see if I can figure out the path.. Thanks! Weezy
  5. Can someone help? Here is a problem I have: Processing status... - Adding casheye.jpg Resizing/compressing original image No resizing required Error: Unable to make thumbnail (0)! Need help? Look in the Gallery FAQ http://www.snsfarms.net/gallery/ Thanks! Weezy
  6. Thanks for the info guys! I think I am going to pass on that one! Weezy
  7. Boy the gallery has sure changed it installation look! Weezy
  8. Heyyyyy Thomas! I have noticed that the domains I have set up lately seem to propogate instantly! Boy the internet has changed alot in the past while! Weezy
  9. You have some really neat HTML going on.. I like your site! The colors are great! Weezy
  10. Wow, your blog is very very kewl! Weezy
  11. Thanks Bruce! I wonder who made that horse, they sure did a great job eh? Weezy
  12. Hi Hunter! Welcome to TCH!! One question answered and you are hooked! Weezy
  13. HEY! I just started blogging and really I did it to show my web clients something new. Now I wish I had more time to rant or share on my blog. LOL http://www.horseblog.com Weezy
  14. Hi Mary! Welcome to TCH !! That is great advice that you just got.. I agree...start with one and build from there Weezy
  15. Happy New Year to you too! Do you have a NYR? (New Years Resolution)?? Weezy
  16. It's amazing how many kewl smilies there are now eh? This is one of my fav's.. Weezy
  17. Thanks I fixed that.. thanks for all your help! Weezy
  18. I agree with you totally...Some people have to work on the outside before they can work on the inside.. I know sad.. but true... Yes.. the age old problem of chasing the barbie dream eh? I think so too.. changing their total appearance to a point you can't even recognize them! Weezy
  19. I will check.. HA HA THOMAS!! Thanks, I will check into that.. thanks for all the feedback Weezy
  20. I think anything that improves a person's self esteem is a great thing! Weezy
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