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  1. Still need help! I'm using the original downloads module for Subscribers Only. However, the site will/does offer free downloads as well. So far the downloads are direct. If you put the mouse over the download link you can see where it is coming from. With the Subscribers Only downloads, you see a downloads id number and you also need to put in a security code. I'm afraid as the site's traffic increases and users begin to register (not subscribe) they will take advantage of the free downloads and some users may be abusive and suck up all the site's bandwidth. So I want take measures before any of these could even happen. If a second downloads module will not happen are there any other suggestions to keep my downloads safe from bandwidth stealers? You have to register (for free) on the site to take advantage of the free downloads. So if there is another solution besides the second downloads module, I need it to be Registered Users Only and not Anonymous/Guests capable. Thanks!
  2. 1. http://malesims.us 2. Sims International Male 3. If you're looking for skins for your male sims in The Sims game, you'll find the right fashions for any occasion. 4. Commercial (Offers free items, but requires a subscription for most downloads.) 5. Image link to TCH can be found on many of the pages on right hand side towards the bottom. Look for "Powered By" block.
  3. Is it possible to have two download modules for PHP-Nuke? I'd like one for registered users and one for subscribed users. If someone has done this can they share? I've asked already on another unofficial phpnuke support site with no answers
  4. After some trial and error, I got it figured out. I removed the word "convert" since I didn't recognize it doubled it.
  5. I turned debug mode on and get this >Processing status... - Adding CX67.jpg Resizing/compressing original image No resizing required File /home/malesim/public_html/albums/album01/CX67.jpg type 2. Executing: '/usr/local/bin/convert/convert' -quality 90 -size 150x150 +profile '*' '/home/malesim/public_html/albums/album01/CX67.jpg' -geometry 150x150 '/home/malesim/public_html/albums/album01/CX67.thumb.jpg' Results: none Debug messages:: sh: line 1: /usr/local/bin/convert/convert: Not a directory Status: 126 (expected 0) Error: Unable to make thumbnail (0) Need help? Look in the Gallery FAQ In the Gallery Configuration Wizard: Step 2 I have Graphics Suite to use: ImageMagick Path to ImageMagick: /usr/local/bin/convert
  6. Error Message: Error: Unable to make thumbnail (0) >Processing status... - Adding CX67.jpg Resizing/compressing original image No resizing required Error: Unable to make thumbnail (0) Need help? Look in the Gallery FAQ I looked through the Gallery FAQ and the one related to my problem doesn't seem to help. I'm able access the Gallery of course. I secured it by chmodding .htacess and config.php to 644 and chmodding the setup directory to 400. Can someone help?
  7. Dick led me here: IB2Nuke It's an easy to convert port and I use it. Currently I run in on PHPNuke 7.2. Going to attempt to upgrade at a later date and see if port sticks.
  8. That was the correct answer. Sadly, I was second to answer correctly. But good job guys! lol madman, it's just a fun no prizes game. I suck at vehicles, so I brought the question here.
  9. Thanks Dick and Bruce. I submitted that as my answer.
  10. I thought I'd ask here. I'm playing a name that "item" on another website and trying to figure out what type of car this is. Any guesses?
  11. That's for sure, Weezy! Great people here, too. On and off the staff list.
  12. Hey, Bill. No Ryan here. Hunter be my name. So I have an unknown twin, huh? Is he bad or good like me?
  13. After some hard decision making between me and a partner of mine, the decision was made to make our TCH hosted site with a Content Management System and PHP-Nuke was picked over the rest. There really isn't a members list or the users database has only a couple members, is it possible to combine the users database of PHP-Nuke with Invision Power Board? Invision Power Board has better features than PHPBB that is implented into PHP-Nuke. If all else fails, PHPBB can be used but IPB looks like a better option.
  14. If I can help TCH out, the better. Glad I could help! I installed the SDK version for 1.* (there's a special one available for 2.0) and I have gotten exactly what I was looking for in my first post in this thread.
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