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  1. I am the duck matchmaker. LOL What do you think of this site? http://www.e-scripts.com/ematch/ Weezy
  2. Hey Thomas - That link was awesome - I found that other link I posted there. I notice alot of dead links that Hotscripts is linking to? Weezy
  3. Thanks Robert! What do you guys think of this program? http://www.midmart.com/scripts/match/ Weezy
  4. Awww.. thanks guys! I did some searching today and that software is very exspensive. I did finally get a dorky domain name! EquinePassion.com LOL Don't worry it will be totally G rated and NO SPAM! Thanks Thomas, I will check your links! Weezy
  5. You guys are both crazy. LOL! Thanks for the laff! Weezy
  6. Hey! Do you know where I could get that software? LOL Weezy
  7. I really don't like to take paypal because of the service fee and the money I loose when I convert it to Canadian. This will be ok thou if I can use it here. Thanks for your replies! Weezy
  8. HA HA HA! You guys are CRAZY!!! Weezy
  9. Does TCH take Paypal? I have some US money in a Paypal account I was wondering if I could use it? Weezy
  10. Thanks Lisa! I am determined to figure these forms out! LOL Weezy
  11. Hey Dan! I love that gallery feature! If you ever need any help let me know too! I struggled with it at first, but now its a breeeeeze! Welcome to TCH! Weezy Rock Sign
  12. Does anyone know what this means? If you don't, upload in Binary What is Binary? LOL! Thanks! Weezy
  13. You'd be surprised what kind of people would love to date a country person. We call them buckle bunnies. They come in male and female forms. LOL!!! HE HE Weezy
  14. Yes, thats a great idea. I am too cheap thou eh? LOL Weezy
  15. I can't believe the crap I get from people. They make me Mad!!! LOL Weezy
  16. Thanks everyone for your tips. Lots to think about! I had a horse contest and had to really watch the legal mumbo jumbo stuff! I am sure it will take me a long time get it all working. Still thinking up a domain name right now. LOL @ THOMAS! Thanks again guys! Weezy
  17. What would make it non-legal? LOL Weezy
  18. Thanks everyone! I was thinking of doing a site like www.countrysinglesonline.com That kinda theme but with a Canadian Twist. LOL Weezy
  19. I agree Thomas & LOL @ MIKE! I want to reply to these people and refer them to use Total Choice Hosting, but I don't want more spam. LOL Weezy
  20. Are dating sites that are G rated acceptable on Total Choice? Do you know what I mean? LOL Weezy
  21. This crap kinda makes me irritated. I was wondering what can be done to stop this stuff? Any comments? Weezy
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